Syd Crossley

1885 - 1960

The British actor Syd Crossley was predestined for funny roles because of his noticeable stature and he took part in countless movies in his long-standing career. 

He had his first appearances at the age of 14 when he performed comical songs. Finally he managed the jump to the professional entertainment when he appeared regular at the Music Hall. There he got the nickname "The long comedian".

When he made his film debut in the middle of the 20's this was the beginning of an intensive activity in the film business for the next 20 years.
T his first movies belong "Fools in the Desert" (25), "North Star" (25),"The Unknown Soldier" (26), "The Golden Web" (26), "One Hour Married" (27), "Romantic Rogue" (27), "The Gorilla" (27), "Into No Man's Land" (28), "The Circus Kid" (28) and "Atlantic" (29).

In the 30's followed the height of his career and Syd Crossley impersonated different characters in many movies.
To his numerous movies of the 30's belong "The Man from Chicago" (30), "Suspense" (30), "Men Like These" (31), "On the Air" (32),"Lucky Ladies" (32), "High Society" (32), "The Medicine Man" (33), "Me and Marlborough" (35), "Jimmy Boy" (35), "Royal Cavalcade" (35), "The Ghost Goes West" (35), "Queen of Hearts" (36), "Man in the Mirror" (36), "The Man Behind the Mask" (36), "Old Mother Riley" (37), "Victoria the Great" (37), "Young and Innocent" (37) and "His Lordship Goes to Press" (39). 

Syd Crossley nearly retired completely from the film business in the 40's, to his last appearances in front of the camera belong "Meet Maxwell Archer" (40) and "Old Mother Riley's Circus" (42).

Other movies with Syd Crossley:
Keep Smiling (25) Starvation Blues (25) Mama Behave (26)Jewels of Desire (27) Play Safe (27) Ain't Love Funny? (27) The Blood Ship (27) That Certain Thing (28) The Cowboy Kid (28) A Perfect Gentleman (28) Fangs of the Wild (28) The Pride of Donegal (29) Just for a Song (29) Hate Ship (29) The Fatal Warning (29) The Younger Generation (29) Loud Soup (29) All of a Tremble (30) The Musical Beauty Shop (30) The Middle Watch (30) Never Trouble Trouble (31) The Flying Fool (31) Tonight's the Night: Pass It On (32) The Mayor's Nest (32) The Last Coupon (32) Here's George (32) For the Love of Mike (32) You Made Me Love You (33) The Umbrella (33) Those Were the Days (33) Meet My Sister (33) Letting in the Sunshine (33) Leave It to Me (33) The King's Cup (33) Excess Baggage (33) The Bermondsey Kid (33) Perfect Understanding (33) Radio Parade of 1935 (34) Oveer the Garden Wall (35) The Nicht Club Queen (34) Master and Man (34) Give Her a Ring (34) Music Hath Charms (35) It's a Bet (35) Honeymoon for Three (35) The Deputy Drummer (35) Dandy Dick (35) Another Spot of Bother (35) 18 Minutes (35) Two's Company (36) Sensation (36) Public Nuisance No. 1 (36) Pay Boy Adventure (36) One Good turn (36) Cheer Up (36) The Limping Man (36) Keep your Seats, Please (36) Full Speed Ahead (36) Everything Is Rhythm (36) Boys Will Be Girls (36) There Was a Young Man (37) Sporting Love (37) Silver Blaze (37) Racketeer Rhythm (37) Pearls Bring Tears (37) Lucky Jade (37) The Gang Show (37) Feather Your Nest (37) Cotton Queen (37) The Squeaker (37) Sweet Devil (38) Save a Little Sunshine (38) Peter's Pence (38) The Return of Carol Deane (38) Penny Paradise (38) Little Dolly Daydream (38) Everything Happens to Me (38) The Dark Stairway (38) We're Going to Be Rich (38) Oh Dear Uncle! (39) Come on George! (39)