H. Cooper Cliffe

Picture H. Cooper Cliffe

1862 - 1939

The actor Henry Cooper Cliffe was a distinguished theater actor of the 19th century where he made his debut as Henry Cooper. At the end of 1880 he changed his name into H. Cooper Cliffe and had great successes on English stages in the following years.

At the beginning he aroused enthusiasm by his performances at the comic opera, but during the time he turned often to the dramatic stage where he especially convinced in plays by Shakespeare. In the 1890's  he appeared regularly in London till he emigrated to the USA in 1906. There he continued his stage career successfully and was able to play there till 1934 when he appeared in New York as King James II in the play "The O'Flynn" for the last time on the stage.

H. Cooper Cliffe began a second career in the film business from 1915. He took part among others in the movies "The Face in the Moonlight" (15), "The Final Judgement" (15), "A Parisian Romance" (16), "The Kiss of Hate" (16), "Extravagance" (16), "The Argyle Case" (17), "The Devil's Garden" (20), "Love's Redemption" (21) and "Monsieur Beaucaire" (24) at Rudolph Valentino's side.

During his ten years sweeping film career he played at the side of stars like Ethel Barrymore, the young Adolph Menjou, Theda Bara, the then unknown Edward G. Robinson, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, May McAvoy and Warner Oland.

Other movies with H. Cooper Cliffe: 
An Enemy to Society (15) Her Reckoning (15) Gold and the Woman (16) The Soul of a Magdalen (17) Arms and the Woman (16) Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (17) Half an Hour (20) The Blue Pearl (20) The Woman God Changed (21) Missing Millions (22) His Children's Children (23)