Jackie Coogan

Foto: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1914 - 1984


The actor Jackie Coogan was the first child star in film history. Within few years he earned more than four million dollars, an this in the 20's.

He made his film debut at the age of three in "Skinner's Baby" (17) and appeared together with his father at different variety theaters. When he worked in a revue with star swimmer Annette Kellerman he was spotted by Charlie Chaplin, who got him a role in the film "A Day's Pleasure" (19). Inspired by the lively Jackie Coogan, Chaplin shot one of his biggest with "The Kid" (21). With this movie Chaplin became established as a great artist and Jackie Coogan became a star overnight.

Coogan acted absolute natural in front of the camera and was engaged in the following years for successful movies like "Peck's Bad Boy" (21), "Oliver Twist" (22), "Daddy" (23), "Little Robinson Crusoe" (24), "Hello Frisco" (24), "Old Clothes" (25) and "Buttons" (27).

When he reached the puberty his career came to a sudden standstill. Only three years later he was able to continue his career in talkies as a leading actor. He played among others in "Tom Sawyer" (30) and "Huckleberry Finn" (31), but he wasn't able to gain back the favour of the audience. Younger child stars were demanded and Coogan had only few more appearances in movies of the 30's like "Love in September" (36), "College Swing" (38) and "Sky Patrol" (39).

In private Jackie Coogan went through a very difficult time in the 30's. When his father died in 1935, his mother got married with Jackie's business manager Arthur Bernstein. His mother and his stepfather nearly squandered the whole fortune of Coogan and he was forced to file an action against his parents to save the small rest of his fortune. The process finally led to the so-called Coogan law which protected the future earnings of children. In a revised version from January 1st, 2000 it is recorded among others:
The income of a child remains the ownership of the child. 15 % of the gross income, resulting from the professional occupation in sport and entertainment, have to be credited to a trust account of the minor till his full legal age. The person who is responsible for the money of the child have to treat the money with an adequate care.

Jackie Coogan was emotionally crushed by this family conflict, moreover the professional chance didn't look rosy. His marriage with the actress Betty Grable was divorced after two years in 1939. He escaped from the private stress and served in the army during World War II.

He only appeared again as an actor in 1947 in the movie "Kilroy Was Here", it followed the movie "French Leave" (48). But the cinema did no longer uffer him satisfactory roles and he turned to the television. He took part in countless serials but also the cinema went up to him now and then for movies like "Outlaw Women" (52), "The Proud Ones" (56), "The Buster Keaton Story" (57), "High School Confidential!" (58) and "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home" (64). 
Jackie Coogan even directed - evenif not very successful - two movies with the titles"Flugtentil Danmark" (55) and "Escape From Terror" (60), where he also appeared as an actor.

His long for a comeback came with the very popular TV serial "The Addams Family" (64-66), in which hi impersonated uncle Festus.

Jackie Coogan played in his last years of his life in the movies "The Phantom of Hollywood" (74), "The Specialists" (75), "Sherlock Holmes in New York" (76) "The Kids Who Knew Too Much" (80) and "The Escape Artist" (82).

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