Joyce Compton

1908 - 1997

The actress Joyce Compton was born as Eleanor Hunt in Kentucky.

When she won a national beauty contest as a teenager she decided to become an actress. She went to the west coast and scoured one studio after the other. When she finally got a chance for a screen test she used this opportunity and made a contract at Frist National Pictures.

Joyce Compton made her debut in the silent movie "What Fools Men" (25), it followed "The Golden Bed" (25), "Broadway Lady" (25) and "Syncopating Sue" (26).

When she appeared in the western "The Border Cavalier" in 1927 this was the prelude to a whole string of western movies in which she especially took part in the 30's.

When she signed for Fox her roles became better. She acted in "The Wild Party" (29), "Dangerous Curves" (29), "Salute" (29), "The Three Sisters" (30), "Women of All Nations" (31) and "A Parisian Romance" (32).

Although she showed in several roles that she was able to play very different characters she was pinned down to the part of the dumb blonde. Besides these roles she was time and again able to escape successfully from this steretype and acted as a comedienne or in dramatic roles like in "The White Place" (34).

To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Unholy Love" (32), "Lena Rivers" (32), "Sing, Sinner, Sing" (33), "Manhattan Monkey Business" (35), "Public Ghost No. 1 (35), "The Harvester" (36), "Ellis Island" (36), "China Passage" (37), "The Awful Truth" (37), "Man-Proof" (38), "Trade Winds" (38), "Balalaika" (39) and "Escape to Paradise" (39).

She continued tooking part in movies in the 40's, so in "They Drive by Night" (40), "Who Killed Aunt Maggie?" (40), "Turnabout" (40), "Sky Murder" (40), "Manpower" (41), "Bedtime Story" (41), "Dark Alibi" (46), "Exposed" (47), "Sorry, Wrong Number" (48) and "Grand Canyon" (49).

In the 50's the engagements stopped with few exceptions and Joyce Compton retired. She painted and wrote in her private life, beside it she played different instruments and worked in medical jobs as a voluntary nursing.

Other movies with Joyce Compton:
Sally (25) Ankles Preferred (27) Soft Living (29) The Sky Hawk (30) Wild Company (30) Lightnin' (30) High Society Blues (30) Three Rogues (31) Three Girls Lost (31) Up Pops the Devil (31) Annabelle's Affairs (31) Under Eighteen (31) Good Sport (31) Beauty Parlor (32) Lady and Gent (32) Hat Check Girl (32) False Faces (32) Fighting for Justice (32) Madison Sq. Garden (32) Afraid to Talk (32) Dream Stuff (33) Daddy Knows Best (33) Affairs of a Gentleman (34) Million Dollar Ransom (34) King Kelly of the U.S.A. (34) The Trumpet Blows (34) Rustlers of Red Dog (35) Go Into Your Dance (35) College Scandal (35) Life Hisitates at 40 (35) Suicide Squad (35) Let 'em Have It (35) Valley of the Lawless (36) Star for a Night (36) Sitting on the Moon (36) Under Your Spell (36) Country Genbtlemen (36) Trapped by Television (36) Murder with Pictures (36) Love Before Breakfast (36) Kid Galahad (37) Rhythm in the Clouds (37) Born Reckless (37) Sea Racketeers (37) She Asked for It (37) Small Town Boy (37) Wings Over Honolulu (37) We Have Our Moments (37) Women Are Like That (38) You and Me (38) Spring Madness (38) Artists and Models Abroad (38) Love on a Budget (38) The Last Warning (38) Going Places (38) Hollywood Hobbies (39) Rose of Washington Square (39) Hotel for Women (39) Reno (39) The Flying Irishman (39) I Take This Oath (40) City for Conquest (40) The Villain Still Pursued Her (40) Let's Make Music (40) Honeymoon Deferred (40) Scattergood Meets Broadway (41) Moon Over Her Shoulder (41) Blues in the Night (41) Too Many Women (42) Thunder Birds (42) Silver Skates (43) A Gentle Gangster (43) Silver Spurs (43) Swing Out the Blues (43) Hitchhike to Happiness (45) Christmas in Connecticut (45) Danger Signal (45) Behind the Mask (46) Rendezvous with Annie (46) Scared to Death (47) Linda Be Good (47) A Southern Yankee (48) Luxury Liner (48) Incident (49) Thunder on the Hill (51) It Happens Every Thursday (53) The Persuader (57) Jet Pilot (57) Girl in the Woods (58) Serie "The Adventures of Jim Bowle: Pirate on Horseback" (58) Serie "Richard Diamond, Private Detective: The Percentage Takers" (58)