René Clair

1898 - 1981

The French director René Clair set important accents for the early French film and was also convincing in Hollywood with his funny and charming movies. s

René Clair began as a journalist before he made his film debut as an actor in "Le Lys de la vie" (20). He appeared in three more movies as an actor - "Parisette" (21), "L'Orpheline" (21) and "Le sens de la mort" (22). On the occasion he profited from the cooperation with director Louis Feuillade and learnt a lot about the art of narration of the cinema.

As a result he changed the fronts and took a seat behind the camera. He began to learn the technique of filmmaking by Jacques de Barnocelli and made his debut as a director in 1924 with "Paris qui dort" (24). He already attracted attention with his second work "Entr'acte" (24) and they noticed the development ot this promising talent.

He worked also for a solid reputation in the USA in the following years and enchanted the audience with "Le fantôme du Moulin Rouge" (25), "Le voyage imaginaire" (26), "Un chapeau de apille d'Italie" (27) and "Les deux timides" (28).

In the 30's he shot besides the French movies "Le million" (31), "Quatorze Juillet" (33) and "Le dernier milliardaire" (34) also the English productions "The Ghost Goes West" (35) and "Break the News" (38) after his emigration.

René Clair went to the USA in 1941 and continued his career successfully with movies like "The Flame of New Orleans" (41), "I Married a Witch" (42), "It Happened Tomorrow" (44) and "And Then There Were None" (45).

When France was liberated from the control of the National Socialists, he came back to France and realised movies like "Le silence est d'or" (47), "La beauté du diable" (50), "Les belles de nuit" (52), "Les grandes manoeuvres" (55) and "Les fêtes galantes" (65). Unfortunately these movies couldn't go on from his prewar successes.

Besides his work as a director he was also in evidence as a producer and writer of his own movies.

Other movies of René Clair as Director: 
Le voyage imaginaire (26) La proie du vent (26) Un chapeau de apille d'Italie (27) La tour (28) Sous les toits de Paris (30) A nous la liberté (31) Forever and a Day: 1897 (43) Porte des Lilas (57) La Française et l'maour: Le mariage" (60) Tout l'or du monde (61) Les quatre vérités (62) 

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