Nancy Carroll

Foto: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1904 - 1965

The actress Nancy Carroll was born as Ann Veronica LaHiff in New York.

She already appeared in 1918 for the first time in a movie with the title "Riders of the Purple Sage", beside it she played small parts at the theater. Her real film career began in 1927 and lasted about ten years. She took part in the silent movies "Ladies Must Dress" (27), "The Water Hole" (28), "Mr. Romeo" (28) and "Easy Come, Easy Go" (28) - her first great success.

Her breakthrough came with the arise of the sound film era, where she was convincing in dramatic roles as well as musical comedies. To her successful productions belong "The Shopworn Angel" (29), "The Dance of Life" (29), "Dangerous Paradise" (30), "Follow Thru" (30), "The Devil's Holiday" (30) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar - "Wayward" (32), "Scarlett Dawn" (32) and "Women Accused" (33).

After the movies "Jealousy" (34), "Atlantic Adventure" (35), "There Goes My Heart" (38) and "That Certain Age" (38) she retired from the film business and dedicated to the theater. She only returned on the (small) screen for the TV serial "The Aldrich Family" (50) and others.

Other movies with Nancy Carroll:
Chicken a La King (28) Manhattan Cocktail (28) Abie's Irish Rose (29) The Wolf of Wall Street (29) Sin Sinster (29) Close Harmony (29) Illusion (29) Sweetie (29) Honey (30) Paramount on Parade (30) Laughter (30) Two Against Death (30) Stolen Heaven (31) Night Angel (31) Personal Maid (31) Broken Lullaby (32)  Hot Saturday (32) Under-Cover Man (32) Child of Manhattan (33) The Kiss Before the Mirror (33) I Love That Man (33) Springtime for Henry (34) Transatlantc Merry-Go-Round (34) I'll Love You Always (35) After the Dance (35) Serie "The Egg and I" (51) Serie "The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen: The Paper Tiger" (59) Serie "Naked City: Take and Put" (61) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: The Love of Claire Ambler" (62) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: A Man for Oona" (62) Serie "Going My Way: Cornelius Come Home" (63)