James Carew

Picture James Carew

1876 - 1938

The actor James Carew was very successful at the theater and in the film business, and he worked most of the time in England.

He made his debut in the theater play "Damon and Pythias" in Chicago in 1897 and acted on different stages in the following years.
He went to London in 1950 where he made a great stage career and he became a prominent actor at England's theaters.

Among others he played in two plays at the famous actress Ellen Terry's (1847-1928) side. Despite the great difference of their ages they got married in 1907, the marriage was divorced again in 1910.

James Carew began his film career at Pathé in 1915. To his early silent movies belong "Profit and the Loss" (17), "Justice" (17), "Sheba" (19) and "The Nature of the Beast" (19).

He took part in many other silent movies in the 20's like "Helen of Four Gates" (20), "Anna the Adventuress" (20), "Dollars in Surrey" (21), "Mist in the Valley" (23), "The Drum" (24), "Children of the Night" (25), "A Window in Piccadilly" (28) and "High Seas" (29).

As a famous theater actor with an appropriate training the transition to the sound film wasn't a problem for his. He appeared still successfully on the screen with the movies "To Oblige a Lady" (30), "Guilt" (30), "You Made Me Love You" (33), "Too Many Millions" (34), "All at Sea" (35), "Spy of Napoleon" (36), "Murder at the Cabaret" (36), "Wings Over Africa" (37), "Strange Experiment" (37) and "Jericho" (37).

Other movies with James Carew: 
Victory and Peace (18) Spinner o' Dreams (18) 12.10 (19) Sunken Rocks (19) The Kinsman (19) The Forest on the Hill (19) Mrs. Erricker's Reputation (20) Alf's Button (20) The Narrow Valley (21) Strangling Threads (23) The Wine of Life (24) Owd Bob (24) The Love Story of Aliette Brunton (24) Eugene Aram (24) Satan's Sister (25) One Colombo Night (26) The House of Marney (26) High Treason (28) City of Play (29) The Lady of the Lake (30) Mischief (31) Brother Alfred (32) May Fair Girl (33) Freedom of the Seas (34) The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) Who's Your Father (35) Oh, What a Night (35) Come Out of the Pantry (35) David Livingstone (36) You Must Get Married (36) Treachery on the High Seas (36) Midnight at Madame Tussauds (36) Living Dangerously (36) The Improper Duchess (36) Racketeer Rhythm (37) Thunder in the City (37) Rhythm Racketeer (37) Glamour Girl (38)