Frank Capra

1897 - 1991

The director Frank Capra was a very successful artist who created some of the most beautiful movies for the world of film. He was nominated for the Oscar for eleven time in all and he got it five times.

He began as a gag-writer for Hal Roach and Mack Sennett, he wrote among others scripts for the star comedian Harry Langdon - later he also directed movies with Langdon.
To his early scripts belong "Fultah Fisher's Boarding House" (22), where he also directed for the first time, "Jubilo jr." (24), "All Night Long" (24), "The Marriage Circus" (25), "Lucky Stars" (25), "Cold Turkey" (25) and "Saturday Afternoon" (26). 
He works as a director in those years comprised "The Strong Man" (26) and "Long Pants" (27). 

When Frank Capra changed to Columbia he helped the then small studio to get a big upswing. In the following years Capra realised several successes and many of them became classics. He made a name with his movies "The Younger Generation" (29), "The Miracle Woman" (31), "The Bitter Tea of General Yen" (32), "American Madness" (32) and "Lady for a Day" (33), for which he got his first Oscar as a producer.

It followed the world-wide success "It Happened One Night" (34) with a inspired duo Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert - and Capra got his first Oscar as best director and reached the guild of the real director stars.

The 30's represented the most successful decade in Capra's career. He shot among others "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (36) - Oscar for best director and nomination for best picture, "Lost Horizon" (37) - nomination for best director, "You Can't Take It with You" (38) - Oscar for best director and also for best picture as well as "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (39) - nomination for best director and also for best picture. 

Frank Capra left Columbia and went to Warners where he shot the successful movie "Meet John Doe" (41), after that his creative power was visibly influenced by the war events. He began to shoot documentaries, partially as propaganda movies, in order to strenghten the war will of the USA - "The Nazis Strike" (43), "The Battle of Britain" (43), "War Comes to America" (45).
Still he had the time to realise the genius comedy "Arsenic and Old Lace" (44) which became another classic.

After the war he founded together with George Stevens and William Wyler the Liberty Pictures. Frank Capra realised only two movies for the company with the title "It's a Wonderful Life" (46) - nomination for best director and also for best picture and "State of the Union" (48). Both movies didn't have the success they hoped for and the company was liquidated.

Today the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" (46) has become a fixed part of the American Free TV. Punctual on Christmas season they show the movie in many programs and touches countless TV viewers each year.

Capra shot in the 50's the movies "Riding High" (50) and "Here Comes the Groom" (51) with Bing Crosby, thereafter he retired from Hollywood und worked for the TV program of "Bell Telephone".

Finally he came back to the big screen and completed his career with the movies "A Hole in the Head" (59) and "Pocketful of Miracles" (61).

Other movies of Frank Capra as Director: 
For the Love of Mike (27) That Certain Thing (28) So This Is Love? (28) The Matinee Idol (28) The Way of the Strong (28) Say It with Sables (28) Submarine (28) The Power of the Press (28) The Burglar (28) The Donovan Affair (29) Flight (29) Ladies of Leisure (30) Rain or Shine (30) Dirigible (31) Platinum Blonde (31) Forbidden (32) Broadway Bill (34) The Battle of Russia (43) Divide and Conquer (43) Tunisian Victory (44) The Battle of China (44) Two Down and One to Go (45) Your Job in Germany (45) Know Your Enemy: Japan (45) Our Mr. Sun (56) Hemo the Magnificent (57) The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays (57) The Unchained Goddess (58)

Wild Goose Chaser (25) Plain Clothes (25) Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (25) Cupid's Boots (25) The Iron Nag (25) Love and Kisses (25) Soldier Man (26) His First Flame (27) Fiddlesticks (27) That Certain Thing (28) The Swim Princess (28) Say It with Sables (28) The Burglar (28) Flight (29) Forbidden (32) Know Your Enemy: Japan (45) It's a Wonderful Life (46) Westward the Women (51) Our Mr. Sun (56) Hemo the Magnificent (57) The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays (57) 

That Certain Thing (28) It Happened One Night (34) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (36) Lost Horizon (37) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (39) Meet Jone Doe (41) The Battle of Russia (43) The Nazis Strike (43) The Negro Soldier (44) Attack! Battle of New Britain (44) Arsenic and Old Lace (44) Two Down and One to Go (45) War Comes to America (45) Know Your Enemy: Japan (45) It's a Wonderful Life (46) State of the Union (48) Riding High (50) Here Comes the Groom (51) Our Mr. Sun (56) Hemo the Magnificent (57) The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays (57) The Unchained Goddess (58) A Hole in the Head (59) Pocketful of Miracles (61)