Alice Calhoun

Picture Alice Calhoun

1900 - 1970

The actress Alice Calhoun was a very popular star at Vitagraph in the 20's.
Immediately after the high school she began her film career. To her first movies belong "The Dream Lady" (18), "Everybody's Business" (19) and "The Sea Rider" (20).

She worked her way up to a leading actress and experienced the height of her career in the 20's. With movies like "Princess Jones" (21), "The Little Minister" (22),"A Girl's Desire" (22), "The Midnight Alarm" (23), "Pampered Youth" (25) and "The Other Woman's Story" (25) she conquered the favour of the public.

When Vitagraph was swallowed by Warner Bros. in 1925 she worked as a freelancer in her last years as an actress. To her last movies belong "The Isle of Forgotten Women" (27), "Savage Passions" (27) and "Bride of the Desert" (29).

Alice Calhoun retired from the film business when the sound film arose.

Other movies with Alice Calhoun: 
The Dream Lady (18) Everybody's Business (19) Human Collateral (20) Captain Swift (20) The Sea Rider (20) Deadline at Eleven (20) Princess Jones (21) The Charming Deceiver (21) Peggy Puts It Over (21) Rainbow (21) Matrimonial Web (21) Closed Doors (21) The Little Minister (22) Angel of Crooked Street (22) Blue Blood (22) The Girl in His Room (22) A Girl's Desire (22) Little Wildcat (22) One Stolen Night (23) Masters of Men (23) The Man Next Door (23) The Midnight Alarm (23) Pioneer Trails (23) The Man From Brodney's (23) Flowing Gold (24) Between Friends (24) Code of the Wilderness (24) The Everlasting Whisper (25) Pampered Youth (25) The Happy Warrior (25) The Part Time Wife (25) The Other Woman's Story (25) The Maon on the Box (25) The Power of the Weak (26) A Hero of the Big Snows (26) Kentucky Handicap (26) Tentacles of the North (26) Flying High (26) In the First Degree (27) The Trunk Mystery (27) Hidden Aces (27) The Isle of Forgotten Women (27) The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross (27) Savage Passions (27) The Down Grade (27) Bride of the Desert (29)