Arthur Bromley Davenport

Arthur Bromley Davenport

1867 - 1946

The actor Arthur Henry Bromley-Davenport was born as the son of the politician William Bromley-Davenport.

He got a foothold at the theater and he took part in numerous plays in the next years.

During the silent movies of the 20s he also made an appearance in the film business. His first movie was "The Great Gay Road" (20), it followed the productions "The Bigamist" (21), "Running Water" (22), "Bonnie Prince Charlie" (23), "Sally Bishop" (23), "The Impatient Patient" (25), "The Fake" (27), "The Flight Commander" (27) and "Glorious Youth" (29).

He was able to continue his film career in the talky era of the 30s. He impersonated roles in movies like "Mischief" (31), "Self Made Lady" (32), "The Face at the Window" (32), "The Iron Stair" (33), "Lily of Killarney" (34), "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (34), "Lost in the Legion" (34), "The Cardinal" (36), "Murder in the Family" (38), "The Old and the Young" (38) and finally "Jamaica Inn" (39) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

His last cinematical works came in the 40s into being with "The Farmer's Wife" (41), "The Young Mr. Pitt" (42), "When We Are Married" (43) and "The Way Ahead" (44).

Other movies with Arthur Bromley Davenport:
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