Arthur Bourchier

Picture Arthur Bourchier

1863 - 1927

The actor Arthur Bourchier made his first acting experiences at the University Drama Society in Oxford.

He joined the company of Lillie Langtry in 1889 and made his professional stage debut. One year later Lillie Langtry took over the St. James's Theater but an illness prevent her to be active there any longer and the young and inexperienced Arthur Bourchier was set up as a manager. But this undertaking failed and the theater had to be closed one month later.

Arthur Bourchier got married with the actress Violet Vanbrugh in 1894 and they appeared together in many plays.

He stage career continued taking shape and he acted regular on the important stages of England. 
Beside it he was also active again as a theater manager at the Garrick theater, but this time with much more success than the first time.

When he left the Garrick theater and joined the Herbert Beerbohm Tree's company and appeared in several plays by Shakespeare and he became very popular.
This led to his first movie called "Henry VIII" (11), together with his wife.

But the film business kept a small niche he hardly laid claim to. There were only two more movies he took part - "Macbeth" (13), where he was also active as a director at the same time and "The Great Day" (21).

At about the end of his career he achieved once more a huge success in the role of "Long John Silver" in the play "Treasure Island - Die Schatzinsel", which was performed 123 times.