Monte Blue

1887 - 1963

The actor Monte Blue was born as Gerald Montgomery Blue (or Montgomery Bluefeather) and was a half-breed of a white and a Cherokee. Although he took part in about 250 movies, his name has only a meaning for few people.

Monte Blue grew up in poor circumstandes. First he was in a well-protected family, his father served for the army. But than the tide has turned. His father died in a car crash and the family couldn't afford the living for the large family. So the two youngest had to hand over to the "Soldier's and Sailor's Orphan Home" in Knightstown. There he played in the school band, beside it he acted as a football player. Also in this home he got in touch with the theater for the first time which influenced his later career decisive.

When he left the home he worked among others as a fireman. But he broke both arms and legs by an accident and had to spend 18 months in a hospital. After that he practised different jobs. When he got a job on the film terrain of D.W. Griffth he was spotted by Griffith who sign him on for a movie. First he worked as a stuntman and as an extra in the movie "The Birth of a Nation" (15).

For "Intolerance" (16) he again impersonated a small role but he got an important position as an assistant of Griffith behind the camera. Afther that the teamwork of them ended and Monte Blue took over other stunts, among others for the magician Houdini.

From 1918 he got often smaller parts in "Johanna Enlists" (18), "The Romance of Tarzan" (18), "The Squaw Man" (18), directed by Cecil B. DeMille and "Everywoman" (19).
It followed other movies of director Cecil B. DeMille like "Pettigrew's Girl" (19), "Something to Think About" (20) and "The Affairs of Anatole" (21), where he achieved his first great success as an actor.

When D.W. Griffith reported to Monte Blue and engaged him for "Orphans of the Storm" (21), this meant the breakthrough in Monte Blue's career. He appeared in the movies "A Pervect Crime" (21), "Peacock Alley" (22) and "My Old Kentucky Home" (22), and in 1923 he signed a contract with Warner Bros., where he became a popular star. Monte Blue played in about 35 movies for Warner Bros., so in "Main Street" (23), "Lucretia Lombard" (23), "Daughters of Pleasure" (24), "Revelation" (24), "The Lover of Camille" (24), "The Dark Swan" (24), "Hogan's Alley" (25), "So This Is Paris" (26), "The Brute" (27), "Across the Atlantic" (28), "Conquest" (28), "No Defense" (29) and "Skin Deep" (29).

Monte Blue set a course for his voice in order to prepare for the talkies. He was able to continue his career successfully with movies like "Show of Shows" (29), "Isle of Escape" (30) and "The Flood" (31). 
When his contract with Warner Bros. expired he went on a world trip. When he came back to the USA he found a different world. The stock market was absolutely shattered and his investments were lost. Moreover Hollywood didn't looked upon Monte Blue as a star any longer and he has to be content with smaller roles, often in western where he impersonated the villains. To his movies of the 30's belong "The Intruder" (32), "On Probation" (35), "Nevada" (35), "Mary of Scotland" (36), "Prison Shadows" (36), "Secret Agent X-9" (37), "The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (38), "King of Alcatraz" (38), "Juarez" (39) and "Geronimo" (39).

In the 40's he continued putting on a show with smaller roles in "The Great Train Robbery" (41), "New York Town" (41), "Pacific Blackout" (41), "Across the Pacific" (42), "The Mask of Dimitrios" (44), "Shadow of a Woman" (46), "Cheyenne" (47), "Possessed" (47) and "Key Largo" (48).

The 50's formed the conclusion of his long lasting film career, he acted in the movies "Montana" (50), "Three Desperate Men" (51), "The Sea Harvest" (51) and "Apache" (54). In his last years he was expecially to see in single episodes of TV serials like "The Lone Ranger".

During his activity at the Hamid Morton circus he collapsed in his hotel room and died of a heart failure.

Other movies with Monte Blue: 
Ghosts (15) Hell-to-Pay Austin (16) The Microscipe Mystery (16) Jim Bludso (17) Betsy's Burglar (17) Hands Up! (17) Wild and Woolly (17) Betrayed (17) The Man Form Painted Post (17) The Ship of Doom (17) The Red, Red Heart (18) Riders of the Night (18) M'Liss (18) The Only Road (18) Till I Come Back to You (18) One Hundred Percent American (18) Romance and Arabella (19) Rustling a Bride (19) Told in the Hills (19) In Mizzoura (19) The Thirteent Commandment (20) A Cumberland Romance (20) Too Much Johnson (20) The Jucklins (20) The Kentuckaisn (21) A Broken Doll (21) Moonlight and Honeysuckle (21) Broadway Rose (22) The Tents of Allah (23) Brass (23) The Purple Highway (23) Defying Destiny (23) Loving Lies (24) The Marriage Circle (24) Mademoiselle Midnight (24) How to Educate a Wife (24) Being Respectable (24) Her Marriage Vow (24) Recompense (25) Kiss Me Again (25) The Limited Mail (25) Red Hot Tires (25) The Man Upstairs (26) Other Women's Husbands (26) Across the Pacific (26) Wolf's Clothing (27) Bitter Apples (27) The Black Diamond Express (27) The Bush Leaguer (27) One-Round Hogan (27) Brass Knuckles (27) White Shadows in the South Seas (28) The Greyhound Limited (29) From Headquarters (29) Tiger Rose (29) Those Who Dance (30) Officer Thirteen (32) The Valley of Adventure (32) The Stoker (32) The Thundering Herd (33) Her Forgotten Past (33) The Nectors (33) Come on Marines (34) The Last Round-Up (34) Wagon Wheels (34) Student Tour (34) African Incident (34) The Lives of a Begal Lancer (35) Social Error (35) "G" Men (35) Trails of the Wild (35) Wanderer of the Wasteland (35) Hot Off the Press (35) The Test (35) Desert Gold (36) Treachery Rides the Range (36) Undersea Kingdom (36) The Plainsman (36) Ride, Ranger, Ride (36) Song of the Gringo (36) The Outcasts of Poker Flat (37) Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (37) Souls at Sea (37) Sky Racket (37) Thunder Trail (37) High, Wide, and Handsome (37) Born to the Wests (37) Amateur Crook (37) A Million to One (37) The Mysterious Rider (38) Rebellious Daughters (38) Illegal Traffic (38) Hawk of the Wilderness (38) Tom Sawyer, Detective (38) Dodge City (39) Frontier Pony Express (39) Port of Hate (39) Union Pacific (39) Our Leading Citizen (39) Days of Jesse James (39) Mystery Sea Raider (40) Northwest Mounted Police" (40) Young Bill Hickok (40) The Texas Rangers Ride Again (40) A Little Bit of Heaven (40) Arkansas Judge (41) Riders of Death Valley (41) Susnet in Wyoming (41) Bad Man of Deadwood (41) King of the Texas Rangers (41) Law of the Timber (41) Scattergood Pulls the Strings (41) North to the Klondike (42) Treat 'Em Rough (42) Klondike Fury (42) Secret Enemies (42) Truck Busters (42) Northern Pursuit (43) Janie (44) San Antonio (45) A Stolen Life (46) Bells of San Fernando (47) That Way with Women (47) Life with Father (47) Speed to Spare (48) Silver River (48) Two Guys from Texas (48) Flaxy Martin (49) The Younger Brothers (49) South of St. Louis (49) Ranger of Cherokee Strip (49) Look for the Silver Lining (49) Homicide (49) Serie "The Lone Ranger: The Tenderfeet" (49) Serie "The Lone Ranger: Crime in Time" (50) The Blonde Bandit (50) Backfire (50) The Iroquois Trail (50) This Side of the Law (50) Snake River Desperados (51) Gold Raiders (51) The Sea Hornet (51) Warpath (51) Serie "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok: Indian Bureau Story" (51) Serie "The Range Rider: Peace Pipe" (52) Serie "The Lone Ranger: Through the Wall" (52) Serie "The Lone Ranger: The Condemned Man" (52) Serie "Sky King" (52-55) Rose of Cimarron (52) Hangman's Knot (52) Trail of the Arrow (52) The Last Posse (53) Serie "The Lone Ranger: Stage to Estacado" (53) Serie "Adventures of Wild Bill Hockok: The Avenging Gunman" (53) Serie "Annie Oakley: Flint and Steel" (56) Serie "Annie Oakley: Tagg Oakley, Sheriff" (56) Serie "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: The Warrior's Promise" (57) Serie "Tales of Wells Fargo: The Kid" (57) Serie "26 Men: The Slater Brothers" (57) Serie "26 Men: Man on the Run" (57) Serie "Wagon Train: The Clara Beauchamp Story" (57) Serie "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: Major Mockingbird" (59) Serie "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: The Luck of O'Hara" (59) Serie "Rawhide: Incident at Tinker's Dam" (60)