Edna Best

1900 - 1974

The actress Edna Best began her film career in the silent movie era of the 20's, to her first movies belong "Tilly of Bloomsbury" (21) and "A Couple of Down and Outs" (23).

Her engagements in movies increased with the rise of the talkies and she took part in popular productions like "Escape" (30), "The Calendar" (31), "The Key" (34), Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (34), "Love from a Stranger" (38) and "Intermezzo: A Love Story" (39).

Her appearances in front of the camera diminished in the 40's, to these movies belong "Swiss Family Robinson" (40), "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (47) and "The Iron Curtain" (48).
In the last decade of her film career the TV became a more and more important role and Edna Best acted among others in an episode of the serial "The United States Steel Hour: Counterfeit" (55), "This Happy Breed" (56) - for which she was nominated for an Emmy and an episode of the serial "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Berkeley Square" (59).

Enda Best was among others married with the actor Herbert Marshall.

Other movies with Edna Best: 
Tilly of Bloomsbury (21) A Couple of Down and Outs (23) Beyond the Cities (30) Sleeping Partners (30) Escape (30) Loose Ends (30) Michael and Mary (31) The Calendar (31) The Faithful Heart (32) The Key (34) The Man Who Knew Too Much (34) South Riding (38) Prison Without Bars (38) Love from a Stranger (38) Intermezzo: A Love Story (39) Swiss Family Robinson (40) A Dispatch from Reuter's (40) The Late George Apley (47) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (47) The Iron Curtain (48) Serie "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: The Pen, You're Not the Type, The Weak Spot" (51) Serie "Celanese Theatre: Old Acquaintance" (51) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Magic Morning" (52) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: P.J. Martin and Son" (55) Serie "The United States Steel Hour: Counterfeit" (55) This Happy Breed (56) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Berkeley Square" (59)