Joan Bennett

1910 - 1990

The parents of actress Joan Bennett were also actors at the theater and the family tree went back to the 18th century in which family members earned their living as actors.

At the age of four Joan Bennett made her debut at the theater, one year later she already appeared in the movie "The Valley of Decision" (16), the leading role was impersonated by her father Richard Bennett.

She took part again at her father's side in the movie "The Eternal City" (23) seven years later. At the age of 16 she got married with Jack Marion Fox but the marriage was divorced in 1928 because of drunkenness. 
Joan Bennett grew up to a yound woman and she began her real film career in 1928 with "Power", it followed "Bulldog Drummond" (29), "Three Live Ghosts" (29) and "Disraeli" (29.

In the 30's she had great success with the movies "Moby Dick" (30), "Scotland Yard" (30), "Hush Money" (31), "She Wanted a Millionaire" (32) - during the shooting she broke a leg when she fell from a horse, the shooting had to be interrupted for six months - "Me and My Gal" (32), "Little Women" (33), "Private Worlds" (35), "Two in a Crowd" (36), "The Texans" (38) and "The Man in the Iron Mask" (39).

The 40's marked the last decade in which she was able to appear successfully in many movies. She took part in "The Son of Monte Cristo" (40), "Man Hung" (41), "Girl Trouble" (42), "The Woman in the Window" (44), "Scarlet Street" (45), "The Macomber Affair" (47), "The Secret Beyond Door" (48) and "Reckless Moment" (49), especially director Fritz Lang knew how to put on her person.

Joan Bennett worked for the producer Walter Wanger since 1938, she got married to him in 1940. Her marriage got dramatic traits when Walter Wanger shot at Joan Bennett's agent because of jealousy. The agent was wounded and it followed a scandal which also had a bad effect on Joan Bennett's career.
After her role in "Father of the Bride" (50) she only got offered few more role, so in "We're No Angels" (55) and "Desire in the Dust (60), but after that she didn't appear on the screen for the next ten years.
Instead she took part in some TV serials, especially "Dark Shadows" (66-70) was a great success, and finally after a long absence she appeared on the big screen again with "House of Dark Shadows" (70).

To her last movies belong "Gidget Gets Married" (72), "Suspiria" (77) and "Divorce Wars: A Love Story" (82).

Joan Bennett's sister Constance Bennett was also a successful and famous actress.

Other movies with Joan Bennett:
Mississippi Gambler (29) Puttin' on the Ritz (30) Crazy That Way (30) Maybe It's Love (30) Doctors' Wives (31) Many a Slip (31) Careles Lady (32) Wild Girl (32) Weekend Only (32) The Trial of Vivienne Ware (32) Arizona to Broadway (33) The Pursuit of Happiness (34) The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (34) Two for Tonight (35) She Couldn't Take It (35) The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (35) Mississippi (35) The Fashion Side of Hollywood (35) Big Brown Eyes (36) Thirteen Hours by Air (36) Wedding Present (36) Vogues of 1938 (37) I Met My Love Again (38) Artists and Models Abroad (38) Trade Winds (38) The Housekeeper's Daughter (39) Green Hell (40) The Man I Married (40) The House Across the Bay (40) Confirm or Deny (41) Wild Geese Calling (41) She Knew All the Answers (41) Twin Beds (42) The Wife Takes a Flyer (42) Margin for Error (43) Nob Hill (45) Colonel Effingham's Raid (45) The Woman on the Beach (47) Hollow Triumph (48) For Heaven's Sake (50) Father's Little Dividend (51) The Guy Who Came Back (51) Serie "Nash Airflyte Theatre: Peggy" (51) Serie "Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: The Dream" (51) Serie "Danger: A Clear Case of Suicide" (51) Serie "The Best of Broadway: The Man Who Came to Dinner" (54) Highway Dragnet (54) Navy Wife (56) There's Always Tomorrow (56) Junior Miss (57) Serie "Playhouse 90: The Thundering Wave" (57) Serie "Too Young to Go Steady" (59) Serie "Mr. Boradway: Don't Mention My Name in Sheboygan" (64) Serie "Burke's Law: Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?" (65) Serie "Love, American Style: Love and the Second Time" (71) The Eyes of Charles Sand (72) Suddenly, Love (78) This House Possessed (81)