Beverly Bayne

Foto: Fred Hartsook (1876-1930)

1893 - 1982

The actress Beverly Bayne Sally belonged to the popular stars in the 10's. She already appeared in 1912 among others at Francis X. Bushman's side in the movie "A Good Catch". They continued their teamwork in the following years with the movies "White Roses" (12), "The Unterstudy" (12), "The Magic Wand" (12), "The Farmer's Daughter" (13), "The Stigma" (13), "Through the Storm" (14), "The Countess" (14), "Thirteen Down" (15), "The Great Silence" (15), "The Wall Between" (16) and "Romeo und Juliet" (16) - one of their biggest common success.

In a time when scandals could meant a fast end of a career, the dream team Beverly Bayne / Francis X. Bushman had to put up to quite a bit. When they got married in 1918 it produced a scandal because Francis X. Bushman was divorced from his previous wife for only three weeks - a scandal about which you only can laugh today or rather wouldn't take note of it.

The consequence was that film offers stopped. Beverly Bayne only took part in the movies "God's Outlaw" (19), "Daring Hearts" (19), "Smiling All the Way" (20),  "Modern Matrimony" (23), "Her Marriage Vow" (24), "The Age of Innocence" (24), "The Tenth Woman" (25), "Passionate Youth" (25) and "Who Cares" (25) in the following years. The marriage with Francis X. Bushman went on the rocks in 1925, in the same year Bushman had a great comeback with "Ben-Hur" (25.

Beverly Bayne retired from the film business and devoted her attention to the theater where she remained till to the 50's.

Other movies with Beverly Bayne:
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