Warner Baxter

1889 - 1951

The actor Warner Baxter was born in Columbus, Ohio. His family moved to San Francisco where they went through the earthquake of 1906. They had live in a tent for two weeks.

Warner Baxter played at the Vaudeville theater from 1910, after that Broadway called for him and finally the film. To his early movies belong "Cheated Hearts" (21), "First Love" (21), "Her Own Money" (22), "St. Elmo" (23), "The Female" (24), "The Best People" (25), "Miss Brewster's Millions" (26), "The Great Gatsby" (26), "Drums of the Desert" (27) and "Three Sinners" (28), in which he normally impersonated the leading roles.

For his part as Cisco Kid in the movie "In Old Arizona" (29) he got the Oscar for the best leading actor, and the Oscar oppened him the doors for the talkies.

In the 30's he appeared among others in the movies "The Arizona Kid" (30), "Daddy Long Legs" (31), "42nd Street" (33), "Penthouse" (33), "Dangerously Yours" (33), "Hell in the Heavens" (34), "The Prisoner of Shark Island" (36), "White Hunter" (36) and "Kidnapped" (38).

When Warner Baxter suffered a nervous breakdown he chose less strenuous film projects. So he began the Crime Doctor serial where he had to invest only one month for each movie by a total of two movies each year. He took part in "Crime Doctor" (43), "Crime Doctor's Stranges Case" (43), "Crime Doctor's Warning" (45) and "The Crime Doctor's Diary" (49).
Beside it he played in few other movies, so in "Lady in the Dark" (44), "The Gentleman from Nowhere" (48) and "The Devil's Henchmen" (49).

He gave his farewell performance on the screen with the movie "State Penitentiary" (50), one year later he died of pneumonia.

Other movies with Warner Baxter:
Sheltered Daughters (21) The Love Charm (21) The Girl in His Room (22) A Girl's Desire (22) If I Were Queen (22) The Ninety and Nine (22) Blow Your Own Horn (23) In Search of a Thrill (23) Alimony (24) His Forgotten Wife (24) Those Who Dance (24) Christine of the Hungry Heart (24) The Garden of Weeds (24) Those Who Dare (24) The Golden Bed (25) The Air Mail (25) The Awful Truth (25) Welcome Home (25) Rugged Water (25) A Son of His Father (25) My Favorite Wife (25) Mannequin (26) Mismates (26) The Runaway (26) Aloma of the South Seas (26) The Telephone Girl (27) The Coward (27) Singed (27) A Woman's Way (28) The Tragedy of Youth (28) Ramona (28) Danger Street (28) Craig's Wife (28) West of Zanzibar (28) Linda (29) Thru Different Eyes (29) The Far Call (29) Behind That Curtain (29) Romance of the Rio Grande (29) Happy Days (30) Such Men Are Dangerous (30) Renegades (30) Doctors' Wives (31) The Slippery Pearls (31) Their Mad Moment (31) The Squaw Man (31) The Cisco Kid (31) Surrender (31) Amateur Daddy (32) Six Hours to Live (32) Man About Town (32) I Loved You Wednesday (33) Paddy the Next Best Thing (33) Stand Up and Cheer! (34) Broadway Bill (34) Such Women Are Dangerous (34) Grand Canary (34) As Husbands Go (34) One More Spring (35) Under the Pampas Moon (35) La Fiesta de Santa Barbara (35) King of Burlesque (35) The Robin Hood of El Dorado (36) The Road to Glory (36) To Mary - with Love (36) Vogues of 1938 (37) Slave Ship (37) Wife, Doctor and Nurse (37) I'll Give a Million (38) Wife, Husband and Friend (39) Return of the Cisco Kid (39) Barricade (39) Earthbound (40) Adam Had Four Sons (41) Shadows in the Night (44) The Crime Doctor's Courage (45) Just Before Dawn (46) Crime Doctor's Man Hunt (46) The Millerson Case (47) Crime Doctor's Gamble (47) Prison Warden (49)