Mary Astor

1906 - 1987

The actress Mary Astor was born as Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke in Quincy, Illinois as a daughter of parents who were immigrated from Germany.

Her parents wanted a better life for her daughter, therefore they put her in different beauty contests. The luck Die Eltern waren früh dafür besorgt, dass Mary Astor ein besseres Leben haben sollte als sie selbst. So steckten sie die junge Mary in verschiedene Schönheitskonkurrenzen. Mary Astor was lucky and was spotted by a Hollywood producer who sign her on at the age of 14.

Her firsts movie of all was "Scarecrow" (20), in which she played a very small role. It followed other small roles in "John Smith" (22), "Success" (23), "The Man Who Played God" (22), "Woman-Proof" (23) and "The Fighting Coward" (24).

When she impersonated the part of Lady Margery Alvaney in the movie "Beau Brummel" in 1924 at John Barrymore's side, this meant the breakthrough she longed for. It brought her early staradom and a passionate affair with Barrymore.

In the next years she had the reputation of a crowd-puller with movies like "Don Q Son of Zorro" (25), "Scarlet Saint" (25), "The Wise Guy" (26), "Don Juan" (26), "Two Arabian Knights" (27), "Dressed to Kill" (28) and "Romance of the Underworld" (28).

Thanks to Mary Astor's great screen presence she mastered the transition to the talkies without difficulties and her fame grew on and on. With the movies "Smart Woman" (31), "Red Dust" (32), "Convention City" (33), "Man of Iron" (34) and "The Prisoner of Zenda" (37) she belonged to the darlings of the public of the 30's. 

In the 40's she continued her career with the impressive movies "Turnabout" (40), "The Maltese Falcon" (41), "The Great Lie" (41) - for which she got an Oscar for the best support role, "The Palm Beach Story" (42), "Meet Me in St. Louis" (44), "Desert Fury" (47), "Cynthia" (47) and "Act of Violence" (49).

When her fame faded her role became smaller and she took part in fewer movies. In the 50's she only appeared in five movies, so in "A Kiss Before Dying" (56) and "A Stranger in My Arms" (59), her last work for the cinema was "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" (64). Instead sie accepted often offers for the TV and appeared in a whole string of episodes like "The United States Steel Hour: The Thief" (55), "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Impossible Dream" (59), "Dr. Kildare: Operation: Lazarus" (62) or "Ben Casey: Dispel the Black Dyclone That Shakes the Throne" (63).

Later Mary Astor said about her career:
"I was never totally involved in movies. I was just making my father's dream come true".

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