Nils Asther

Nils Asther
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1897 - 1981

The actor Nils Asther was, like Greta Garbo, spotted by director Mauritz Stiller, with whom he also had an affair at the beginning of the 20's.

Nils Asther began his silent movie career in 1916 in Sweden and there he appeared in movies like "Vingarne" (16), "Das Himmelskibet" (17) and "Solen der draebte" (18).

In the 20's he played in "Vem dömer" (22) and "Norrtullsligan" (23), after that he worked for the German productions "Finale der Liebe" (25), "Der Mann seiner Frau" (25), "Die verschwundene Flotte" (26), "Das süsse Mädel" (26) and "Gauner im Frack" (27).

Nils Asther went to America in 1926 where he was able to build an impressive career. He acted successfully in "Sorrell and Son" (27), "The Blue Danube" (28), "Dream of Love" (28) and finally in "Wild Orchids" (29) at Greta Garbo's side.

Because of his strong accent he got constantly less offers for parts in the talkies, the parts itself became more and more smaller. He appeared among others in "Letty Lynton" (32), "Storm at Daybreak" (33), "The Right to Romance" (33), "By Candlelight" (33), "Madame Spy" (34) and "Abdul the Damned" (35).

But Nils Asther managed also to get engagements in the 40's, so in "Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day" (41), "Flying Blind" (41), "Sweater Girl" (42), "The Night Before the Divorce" (42), "Bluebeard" (44), "Jealousy" (45) and "The Feathered Serpent" (48).

After some works for television during the 50's Nils Asther went back to Sweden where he took part in four more movies - "När mörkret faller" (60), "Svenska Floyd" (61), "Vita frun" (62) and "Gudrun" (63).

Other movies with Nils Asther: 
Gyurkovicsarna (20) Carl XII's kurir (24) Briefe, die ihn nicht erreichten (25) Der goldene Schmetterling (26) Die Schlacht am Skagerrak (26) Die drei Kuckucksuhren (26) Hotelratten (27) Der Mann mit der falschen Banknote (27) Topsy and Eva (27) Laugh, Clown, Laugh (28) The Cossacks (28) Loves of an Actress (28) The Cardboard Lover (28) Our Dancing Daughters (28) Adrienne Lecouvreur (28) The Single Standard (29) The Sea Bat (30) But the Flesh Is Weak (32) Washington Masquerade (32) The Bitter Tea of General Yen (33) If I Were Free (33) The Crime Doctor (34) Love Time (34) The Love Captive (34) The Marriage of Corbal (36) Guilty Melody (36) Make-Up (37) Tea Leaves in the Wind (38) Forced Landing (41) The Man Who Lost Himself (41) Night of January 16th (41) Night Monster (42) Mystery Broadcast (43) Submarine Alert (43) Alaska (44) The Man in Half Moon Street (44) The Hour Before the Dawn (44) Love, Honor and Goodbye (45) Son of Lassie (45) Aquel hombre de Tanger (50) Serie "Starlight Theatre: The Come-Back" (51) Serie "The Adventures of Ellery Queen: Ticket to Nowhere" (51) Serie "Studio One: The Magic Lantern" (53) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Dodsworth" (54)