Alexander d'Arcy

1908 - 1996

The actor Alexander d'Arcy was born as Alexander Sarruf in Kairo.

He began his film career in Europe with the movies "Paradise" (28) and with Alfred Hitchcock's "Champagne" (28).
At the beginning of the 30's he continued his career in France with movies like "A nous a liberté" (31), "Le roi des palaces" (32), Poliche" (34) and "La Kermesse héroïque" (35) before he went to the USA where he was able moreover to play moreover successfully.

To his well-known movies belong "Stolen Holiday" (36), "The Awful Truth" (37), "She Married an Artist" (37), "City of Chance" (40) and "The Blonde From Singapore" (41).

After this movies he "disappeared" for more than 10 years from the screen and only returned in 1953 with "Man on a Tightrope" (53). It followed "How to Marry a Millionaire" (53) at Marilyn Monroe's side, "Soldier of Fortune" (55) and "Abdulla the Great" (55).

He only got offered few demanding roles in the 60's and his career came slowly to an end. To his last works belong "Ein Toter hing im Netz" (60), "Fanny Hill" (64), "Blood of Dracula's Castle" (67), "The Seven Minutes" (71) and a guest appearance in the German TV serial "Tatort: Tote Taube in der Beethovenstrasse" (72).

Alexander d'Arcy was married several times, among others with the actress Arleen Whelan.

Other movies with Alexander d'Arcy:
The Romance of Sevilla (29) Die Regimentstochter (29) Flight to Fame (38) Topper Takes a Trip (39) 5th Ave Girl (39) Good Girls Go to Paris (39) Three Sons (39) Vicki (53) Les clandesines (54) The Festival Girls (60) It's Hot in Paradise (62) The Incredible Sex Revolution (65) Serie "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Silent Saboteurs" (65) Serie "Daniel Boone: Cibola" (66) Way...Way Out (66) The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (67)