Martha Eggerth

Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1912 - 2013

The actress Martha Eggerth especially made a global career as a singer, and thanks to her huge popularity and her acting talent she also took part in many movies of the 30's.

Martha Eggert's career began very ealry and because of her wonderful voice she soon was called a child prodigy who filled concert halls.
She made her film debut at the end of the 20's, to her first movies belong among others "Csak egy kislany van a vilagon" (29).

But her real film career blossomed into life with the talkies. In the golden era of German musical movies she took part in operetta movies and became a very popular star in no time at all.

To her great successes of the 30's belong "Trara um Liebe" (31), "Moderne Mitgift" (32), "Das Blaue vom Himmel" (32), "Leise flehen meine Lieder" (33), "Der Zarewitsch" (33), "Die Czardasfürstin" (34), "Die ganze Welt dreht sich um Liebe" (35), "Das Schloss in Flandern" (36) and "Zauber der Boheme" (37).

During the shooting for "Mein Herz ruft nach dir" in 1934 she met singer and actor Jan Kiepura. They got married two years later, acted together in other movies and belonged to the most dazzling pairs in Germany.

Because Martha Eggerth was of Jewish extraction, the political situation in Germany became more and more uncomfortable. She eventually emigrated to the USA with Jan Kiepura where both could contine her career without any difficulties because her names already conquered the world before.
Both triumphed on Broadway with plays like "The Merry Widow" and "Polonaise".
Martha Eggerth also played in some American movies, the most famous one is "For Me and My Gal" (42) with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.

Martha Eggerth worked again in Europa after the war but she wasn't able to gain a foothold again in the German film business. She only appeared in the movies "Das Land des Lächelns" (52) and "Frühling in Berlin" (57), she practised her main activity on different stages, and this till her old age.

She hade a little comeback on television in 1999 when she impersonated a chamber singer in the serial "Tatort: Nie wieder Oper" (99).

Other movies with Martha Eggerth:
Der Draufgänger (31) Eine Nacht im Grandhotel (31) Let's Love and Laugh (32) Where Is the Lady? (32) Ein Lied, ein Kuss, ein Mädel (32) Der Frauendiplomat (32) Es war einmal ein Walzer (32) Kaiserwalzer (33) Die Blume von Hawaii (33) Traum von Schönbrunn (33) Unfinished Symphony (33) Mon coeur t'appelle (34) Ihr grösster Erfolg (34) Die blonde Carmen (35) The Divine Spark (35) Wo die Lerche singt (36) Das Hofkonzert (36) La chanson du souvenir (36) Immer, wenn ich glücklich bin (38) Presenting Lily Mars (43) Addio Mimi! (47) Valse brillante (48)