Alice Joyce

1890 - 1955

The actress Alice Joyce belonged to the most popular movie stars of the 10's.

But before she entered the film business she worked as a model. Then the Kalem film company engaged her for her first movie "The Deacon's Daughter" (10) feierte. 

She became successful in no time and in the next years she appeared in countless movies. Kalem belonged to the first companies who had broken the film business tabu not to mention the actors in the movies. This made it possible for Alice Joyce to become well-known for the public. In 1913 she was elected as the most popular movie star in the USA. 

To her well-known movies of the 10's belong "The Heart of Edna Leslie" (10), "Rachel" (10), "Big Hearted Jim" (11), "The Badge of Courage" (11), "An American Invasion" (12), "The Stolen Invention" (12), "The Young Millionaire" (12), "The American Princess" (13), "The Pawnbroker's Daughter" (13), "The Beast" (14), "The Vampire's Trail" (14), "The Viper" (14), "The Swindler" (15) and "The White Goddess" (15).
She often impersonated heroines who were rescued by their heroes but she also impersonated other leading and support roles. To her often film partners belong Tom Moore and Guy Coombs.

When Kalem was bought by Vitagraph in 1917 she was on the heyday of her career.
To her movies of the following years belong "Whom the Gods Destroy" (16), "Within the Law" (17), "The Countess" (17), "The Song of the Soul" (18), "Everybody's Girl" (18), "The Lion and the Mouse" (19), "The Vengeance of Durand" (19) "Slaves of Pride" (20), "Dollars and the Woman" (20) and "The Inner Chamber" (21).

When Vitagraph became financial problems and was no longer able to keep up the quality of the movies she did not prolong her contrac in 1921 and retired from the film business for few years. In this time she travelled through Europe with her family and her second husband, the son of the managing director of the Knickerbocker Hotels.

When she returned to the film business in 1923 she worked as a freelance actress. 
To her most popular movies of those years belong "The Green Goddess" (23), "White Man" (24),"The Little French Girl" (25), "Headlines" (25), "Stella Dallas" (25), "Dancing Mothers" (26), "Beau Geste" (26), "The Rising Generation" (28) and "The Noose" (28), often directed by Herbert Brenon. 

Her last appearances in front of the camera came in 1930 into being with "He Knew Women" (30) and "Song o' My Heart" (30).

Alice Joyce was among others married with the actors Tom Moore and the director Clarence Brown. She went into film history as "The Madonna of the Screen".

Other movies with Alice Joyce:
The Miser's Child (10) The Engineer's Sweetheart (10) The Education of Elizabeth (10) The Roses of the Virgin (10) The Rescue of Molly Finney (10) Her Indian Mother (10) The Bolted Door (11) The Runaway Engine (11) The Trail of the Pomas Charm (11) The Broken Trail (11) The Lost Ribbon (11) Mexican Filibusterers (11) The Mission Carrier (11) The Hero Track Walker (11) Slim Jim's Last Chance (11) Slabsides (11) The Loyalty of Don Luis Verdugo (11) The Carrier Pigeon (11) The Love of Summer Morn (11) A Cattle Herder's Romance (11) Reckless Reddy Reforms (11) By the Aid of a Lariat (11) The Indian Maid's Sacrifice (11) The Mexican Joan of Arc (11) Over the Garden Wall (11) Peggy, the Moonshiner's Daughter (11) The Wasp (11) Don Ramon's Daughter (11) The Branded Shoulder (11) On the Warpath (11) When Two Hearts Are Won (11) When the Sun Went Out (11) The Alpine Lease (11) The Blackfoot Halfbreed (11) The Mistress of Hacienda del Cerro (11) A Prisoner of Mexico (11) The Peril of the Plains (11) For Her Brother's Sake (11) The Engineer's Daughter (11) When Callifornia Was Won (11) Dan, the Lighthouse Keeper (11) The Temptation of Rodney Vane (11) How Betty Captured the Outlaw (11) The Long Arm of the Law (11) Too Much Realism (11) Between Father and Son (11) Mrs. Simms Serves on the Jury (12) The Russian Peasant (12) An Interrupted Wedding (12) A Princess of the Hills (12) The Alcalde's Conspiracy (12) The Bell of Penance (12) The Defeat of the Brewery Gang (12) Jean of the Jail (12) The Spanish Revolt of 1836 (12) The Secret of the Miser's Cave (12) The Adventures of American Joe (12) The Mexican Revolutionist (12) The Outlaw (12) The Gun Smugglers (12) The Bag of Gold (12) The Colonel's Escape 812) The Organ Grinder (12) Savey by Telephone (12) The Suffragette Sheriff (12) Fantasca, the Gipsy (12) The Family Tyrant (12) The soldier Brothers of Susanna (12) Freed from Suspicion (12) The Wandering Musician (12) Rube Marguard Marries (12) Saved from Court Martial (12) Bridget's Sudden Wealth (12) The Street Singer (12) The County Fair (12) The Strange Story of Elsie Mason (12) The Mystery of Grandfather's Clock (12) A Battle of Wits (12) A Daughter's Sacrifice (12) A Race with Time (12) The Finger of Suspicion (12) A Business Buccaneer (12) The Flag of Freedom (13) The Nurse at Mulberry Bend (13) The Cub Reporter's Temptation (13) The Senator's Dishonor (13) In the Power of Blacklegs (13) The $20'000 Carat (13) The Exposure of the Land Swindlers (13) In the Grip of a Charlatan (13) A Streak of Yellow (13) The Sneak (13) The Heart of an Actress (13) The Adventure of an Heiress (13) The Artist's Sacrifice (13) When Fate Decrees (13) The Attorney for the Defense (13) The Cloak of Guilt (13) A Victim of Deceit (13) A Thief in the Night (13) A Bolt from the Sky (13) For Her Sister's Sake (13) The Christian (13) The Midnight Message (13) The Ridle of the Tin Soldier (13) Our New Minister (13) Perils of the Sea (13) The Hunchback (13) Un Unseen Terror (13) The Hand Print Mystery (14) The Shadow (14) The Cabaret Dancer (14) The Dance of Death (14) A Celebrated Case (14) Nina l' the Theatre (14) The Show Girl's Glove (14) The Weakling (14) In Wolf's Clothing (14) The Old Army Coat (14) The Brand (14) The Mystery of the Sleeping Death (14) The Green Rose (14) Fate's Midnight Hour (14) The Girl and th Stowaway (14) The Lynbrook Tragedy (14) The Riddle of the Green Umbrella (14) The Theft of the Crown Jewels (14) The Price of Silence (14) The School for Scandal (14) The Mayor's Secretary (14) Cast Up by the Sea (15) The Leech (15) Her Supreme Sacrifice (15) Unfaithful to His Trust (15) The Girl of the Music Hall (15) The Face of the Madonna (15) The Courage of Silence (17) Womanhood, the Glory of the Nation (17) Her Secret (17) The Question (17) Richard the Brazen (17) An Alabaster Box (17) The Fettered Woman (17) The Woman Between Friends (18) The Business of Life (18) The Triumph of the Weak (18) Find the Woman (18) To the Highest Bidder (18) The Choice (18) The Captain's Captain (19) The Cambric Mask (19) The Third Degree (19) The Spark Divine (19) The Winchester Woman (19) The Prey (20) The Sporting Duchess (20) The Vice of Fools (20) Cousin Kate (21) Her Lord and Master (21) The Scarab Ring (21) The Passionate Adventure (24) Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (25) The Home Maker (25) Mannequin (26) The Ace of Cads (26) So's Your Old Man (26) Sorrell and Son (27) 13 Washington Square (28) The Squall (29) The Green Goddess (30)