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Gisela Wilke

Foto: D'Ora Kallmus (1881-1963)
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1882 - 1958

The actress Gisela Wilke grew up in a family which was involved in the theater scene for many years. Therefore the young Gisela was able to make her stage debut at the age of 6. She became established as a child actress und she appeared regularly on stage in Berlin.

At the age of 9 she even got an engagement which led her to New York.
Gisela Wilke was able to continue her stage career as an adult as well and she appeared regularly in Germany and Austria where she became a member of the Burgtheater in 1900. She was active there till 1952.

The film business played only a secondary role in her career. Her first movies came in 1936 into being with "Konfetti" (36) and "Manja Valewska" (36). It followed the movies "Hochzeitsreise zu dritt" (39) and "Ein hoffnungsloser Fall" (39).

The appearances in front of the camera remained rarely and she took part in the productions "Wien 1910" (43), "Glaube an mich" (43), "Es lebe das Leben" (49), "Prämien auf den Tod" (50), "Der Teufel führt Regie" (51), "Abenteuer in Wien" (52) and "Ich und meine Frau" (53).