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Bernhard Wildenhain

Foto: Ernst Hoenisch

1873 - 1957

The actor and director Berhard Wildenhain began an education as a machine technician and as an engraver before he decided to become an actor.

He took acting lessons and he got his first theater engagement in 1892. In the next years followed appearances at numerous smaller theater before bigger stages followed. During the next years he became established from a actor in classic plays to a successful comedian.

Whe he went to the Schauspielhaus in Leipzig in 1902 he became a fix staff member for the next 40 years. There he also played together with the legendary Josef Kainz for several times.

With the play "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" he experienced his biggest stage success. Thank to the popularity he gained with this play he was also engaged for the film version of it.
As at the theater he also impersonated the role of the theater director Emanuel Striese in "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" (36) directed by Regisseur Robert A. Stemmle with Max Gülstorff, Maria Koppenhöfer, Ilse Petri, Hans Brausewetter, Lucie Höflich, Grethe Weiser, Trude Hesterberg and Paul Westermeier.
It remained his only role in front of the camera.

Besides his activity as an actor Bernhard Wildenhain also realised numerous plays as a director.

His two daughters Hilli and Edith Wildenhain became actresses too, his daughter Marie-Viola Wildenhain-Gorski became a writer.