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Else Wasa

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The actress Else Wasa was able to launch a film career from 1919 which lasted one decade and which was limited to the silent movie era.

Her first appearance in front of the camera were for the movies "Letzte Liebe" (19) and playing the role of Mrs. von Mellin in "Das Spielzeug der Zarin" (19).

She impersonated numerous support roles in the 20s in normally entertainment movies. To her well-known works of those years belong "Madame Récamier" (20) with Fern Andra, Albert Steinrück and Bernd Aldor, "Die Diktatur des Lebens" (21) with Esther Carena and Jaro Fürth, as Desirée in "Die Tochter Napoleons" (22) directed by Friedrich Zelnik with Lya Mara, Ludwig Hartau, Ernst Hofmann and Gertrud de Lalsky, as Mrs. Strupp in "Annemarie und ihr Ulan" (26) with Sig Arno, Hans Junkermann, Colette Brettel and Julius Falkenstein and Hans Behrendt's "Sechs Mädchen suchen Nachtquartier" (28) with Georg Alexander, Paul Hörbiger and Hilde Hildebrand.

Other movies with Else Wasa:
Die Spieler (20) Fasching (21) Opfer der Liebe (21) Orient – Die Tochter der Wüste (24) Das stolze Schweigen (25) Wenn das Herz der Jugend spricht (26) Heimkehr (28)