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Paul Ludwig Stein

1892 - 1951

The director Paul Ludwig Stein began his career as a stage actor in Berlin where he appeared at the "Reinhardt-Bühnen" among others. He also wrote few plays.
He entered the film business as an actor in 1915 and his first movie was "Zucker und Zimt" (15). It followed only few more engagements as an actor in front of the camera for "Das kommt davon" (19) and "In Sachen Herder contra Brandt" (39).
Instead he became a demanded movie director from 1918. He realised many silent movies in the next years like "Der gelbe Schein" (18), "Seine Durchlaucht der Landstreicher" (19), "Der Tempel der Liebe" (19), "Das Rätsel im Menschen" (20), "Das Opfer der Ellen Larsen" (21), "Arme Violetta" (21), "Es leuchtet meine Liebe" (22), "Der Löwe von Venedig" (24) and "Fünf-Uhr-Tee in der Ackerstrasse" (26).
Finally he left Germany and he went to the USA and later to England where he was able to continue his film career as a director.
To his movies of those years belong "My Official Wife" (26), "The Climbers" (27), "The Forbidden Woman" (27), "Her Private Affair" (29), "One Romantic Night" (30), "The Lottery Bride" (30), "The Common Law" (31), "Blossom Time" (33), "Heart's Disire" (36), "The Outsider" (39), "It Happened to One Man" (40), "Twilight Hour" (45), "Lisbon Story" (46) and "Counterblast" (48).
His last cinematical work came one year before his death into being with "The 20 Questions Murder Mystery" (50). 

Other movies from Paul Ludwig Stein (Director):
Im Schatten des Geldes (19) Notar Möller (19) Die schwarze Fahne (19) Der Schönheitspreis (19) Das verlorene Hemd (19) Gewalt gegen Recht (20) Der Schauspieler der Herzogin (20) Das Martyrium (20) Tagebuch meiner Frau (20) Die geschlossene Kette (20) Sturmflut des Lebens (21) Ehrenschuld (21) Der ewige Kampf (21) Macht der Versuchung (22) Die Kette klirrt (23) Ein Traum vom Glück (24) Ich liebe dich (25) Die Insel der Träume (25) Liebesfeuer (25) Don't Tell the Wife (27) Man-Made Women (28) Ehre deine Mutter (28) Show Folks (28) The Office Scandal (29) This Thing Called Love (29) Sin Takes a Holilday (30) Born to Love (31) A Woman Commands (32) Lily Christine (32) Breach of Promise (32) Red Wagon (33) The Song You Gave Me (33) Mimi (35) Faithful (36) Cafe Colette (37) Jane Steps Out (38) Black Limelight (39) Poison Pen (39) Just Lie a Woman (39) Talk About Jacqueline (42) The Saint Meets the Tiger (43) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45) Waltz Time (45) The Laughing Lady (46)
Seine Durchlaucht der Landstreicher (19) Das Martyrium (20) Das Opfer der Ellen Larsen (21) Queen Kelly (29) Cage of Gold (50)
Gewalt gegen Recht (20) Tagebuch meiner Frau (20) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45)