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Mischa Spoliansky

1898 - 1985

The filmcomposer Mischa Spoliansky described himself as a lucky dog whose live represents a success story and from there it is more to view as boring.

The Russian born Mischa Spoliansky set the tone of Berlin of the 20's and 30's like no other composer. With his revues „Es liegt in der Luft“ (28), „Mir ist so nach dir“, „Heute nacht oder nie“, „Einmal möcht ich keine Sorgen haben“ or „Berliner Frühlingslied“ he hit the nerve of this big city.

He grew up in a musical family and his talent was supported very early. At the age of 10 he gave his first concert and was regarded as a wonder child.

When he arrived in Berlin he got the offer of a musical conductor at Max Reinhardt's Keller-Kabarett of the "Grosses Schauspielhaus". Mischa Spoliansky reached the centre of the Berliner cultural life and got in toch with the most important artists of that time.
Spoliansky began to set lyric, rousing and gibbing words of young writers to catchy melodies.

Mischa Spoliansky soon developed his unmistakable style and had great successes with „Morphium“ and „Lila Lied“ grosse Erfolge.

Finally he got first commissions for the film business and he became a demanded composer of catchy melodies. His songs set the tone of movies like „Wie werde ich reich und glücklich?“ (30), „Zwei Krawatten“ (30), „Nie wieder Liebe“ (31), „Das Lied einer Nacht“ (31), „Einmal möcht‘ ich keine Sorgen haben“ (32) and „Muss man sich gleich scheiden lassen“ (33).

Like many other artists in those days Mischa Spoliansky had to flee in 1933 from the arising Nazi regime. Fortunately his name was already well-known abroad and he didn't have any problems to find demanding work. He throwed into film works and contributed songs to about 100 movies. To his well-known movies belong „The Private Life of Don Juan“ (34), „My Song for You“ (34), The Ghost Goes West“ (35), „King Solomon‘s Mines“ (37), „Over the Moon“ (37), „Jeannie“ (41), „The Man from Morocco“ (46) „That Dangerous Age“ (49), „Treasure Hunt“ (52), „Duel in the Jungle“ (54), „Saint Joan“ (57), „North West Frontier“ (59) and „Hitler: The Last Ten Days“ (73).

Besides his work for the film business he also wrote the musical „Katharina Knie“ in 1957.

Other movies of Mischa Spoliansky:
Paganini (23) Calais-Douvres (31) Der Schlemihl (31) Tell Me Tonight (32) The Lucky Number (32) Eine Stadt steht Kopf (33) Love at Second Sight (34) Evensong (34) Sanders of the River (35) Car of Dreams (35) The Man Who Could Work Miracles (36) Forget Me Not (36) Paradise for Two (37) Secret Mission (42) Mr. Emmanuel (44) Don't Take It to Heart (44) Wanted for Murder (46) Temptation Harbour (47) Meet Me at Dawn (47) Under the Frozen Falls (48) This Was a Woman (48) Idol of Paris (48) Adam and Evelyne (49) Golden Arrow (49) Stage Fright (50) The Happiest Days of Your Life (50) Midnight Episode (50) Into the Blue (50) Happy Go Lovely (51) Melba (53) Turn the Key Softly (53) Trouble in Store (53) Viktoria und ihr Husar (54) The Whole Truth (58) The Battle of the Villa Fiorita (65) The Best House in London (69)