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Marianne Simson

1920 - 1992

The actress Marianne Simson began her career in 1935 as a dancer at the theater at the Nollendorfplatz and at the city opera Berlin, in the same year she made her film debut with "Friesennot" (35).

But it lasted three years till she was able to gain a foothold in the film business. From 1938 till the end of war she took successfully part in the movies "Zentrale Rio" (39), "Zwei Welten" (40), "Andreas Schlüter" (42), the monumental colour film production "Münchhausen" (43) where she impersonated the moon woman, "Familie Buchholz" (44) and "Eine alltägliche Geschichte" (45), the last-mentioned movied was only presented in 1948.

Marianne Simson's part during World War II was coines with rumours. So it is said that she was a playmate of Joseph Goebbels.
When the war ended she was imprisonment by the Russian because of denouncing during the arrest of major Goes and was only released again in 1952.

She didn't continue her career after the war but was still active as a dance choreographer at the theater.

Other movies with Marianne Simson: 
Das Verlegenheitskind (38) Wer küsst Madeleine? (39) Mann für Mann (39) Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge (39) Pedro soll hängen (41) Die schwedische Nachtigall (41) Zwei in einer grossen Stadt (42) Das Bad auf der Tenne (43) Ein glücklicher Mensch (43) Neigungsehe (44) Dr. phil. Doederlein (45)