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Karl Schulz

1895 - 1983

The producer Karl Schulz appeared after World War I in the film business for the first time when he worked as a producer and production manager from 1920. In the same year he was engaged by Joe May for whose production company.

Karl Schulz went into business for himself when he founded together with Henrik Galeen and Olga Tschechowa the "Tschechowa Film" in 1928, in 1931 followed the company "Schulz und Wüllner Filmfabrikations- und Vertriebs-GmbH" together with Robert Wüllner.

To his first movies in different functions belong "Der Mord ohne Täter" (20), "Das indische Grabmal" (21), "Schlagende Wetter" (22), "Tragödie der Liebe" (23), "Diana" (28) and "Der Narr seiner Liebe" (29).

His first produced movies came in the 30s into being with "Ich bleib' bei Dir" (31) with Jenny Jugo, "Zwei himmelblaue Augen" (31) with Hermann Thimig and Charlotte Ander and "Hilfe! Überfall" (31) with Hans Stüwe and Otto Wallburg. All three movies were directed by Johannes Meyer.

Afterwards followed a whole string of productions with the director Victor Janson, among them "Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel" (33), "Die Stimme der Liebe" (34) and "Rosen aus dem Süden" (34).
Other movies of those years are "Ein falscher Fuffziger" (35) and "Alles weg'n dem Hund" (35).

Karl Schulz took over the production lead of numerous movies from the end of the 30's like "Die Brillanten der Moranows" (38), "Kampf um Anastasia" (38), "Salonwagen E 417 (39), "Der Herr im Haus" (40) and "Fahrt ins Leben" (40).

In 1939 he was appointed as the chief of the German film business in Prague where he worked till 1942 before he had to give up the position because of the accusation of misappropriation. The remaining years of World War II he had to serve as a soldier and came into imprisonment.

After the war he first produced the movie "Die Buntkarierten" (49) for the DEFA, afterwards he founded again his own company with "Bühne und Film GmbH". His last produced movies came in the 50s into being with "Staatsanwältin Corda" (53), "Ball der Nationen" (54) and "Der Major und die Stiere" (55).

Besides his activity as a producer Karl Schulz also realised some movies as a director like "Die unheimliche Nacht" (38), "Der lose Falter" (38) and "Das Dementi" (44).

Other movies from Karl Schulz (Producer):
Ist mein Mann nicht fabelhaft? (33) Zwei Herzen voller Seligkeit (57) 

Production Manager: 
April, April! (35) Psst, ich bin Tante Emma (37) Steckbrief 606 (37) Der Clown (37) Gänseknöchlein (37) Oh, diese Ehemänner (37) Der Lachdoktor (37) Die unheimliche Nacht (38) Fahrendes Volk (38) Ein klotziger Junge (38) Halt…meine Uhr! (38) Bobby (38) Der lose Falter (38) Um Kopf und Kragen (38) Der grüne Kaiser (39) WEr küsst Madeleine? (39) Alarm auf Station III (39) Irrtum des Herzens (39) Verdacht auf Ursula (39) Im Schatten des Berges (40) Alles Schwindel (40) 

Die unheimliche Nacht (38)