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Franz Schönfeld

Foto: Wilhelm Höffert (1832-1903)

1851 - 1932

The actor Franz Schönfeld grew up in an artistic environment. His father was the actor Carl Schönfeld, his mother the actress Louise Schönfeld and even his grandparents were actors too.

Before Franz Schönfeld became an actor he finished an education as a bank employee and he worked in this position in Vienna.

Franz Schönfeld got his first stage engagement in Vienna in 1874, it followed engagements in Zurich, Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin.
He was active on stage for many decades and he became a popular theater mime.

He was already 70 years old when he entered the film business in 1921.
To his first silent movies belong "Der Silberkönig" (21), "Das goldene Netz" (22), "Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske" (23) and "Die Andere" (24).

His last cinematical works came in the second half of the 20s into being with "Bismarck, 1. Teil" (25), "Der Prinz und die Tänzerin" (26), "Der alte Fritz, 1. Teil: Fried" (28) and "Der Mann mit dem Laubfrosch" (29).

Although Franz Schönfeld was a busy actor for many years who also earned well it did not save him from poverty among the elderly. When his engagements diminished advanced in years he planned to live from his savings but he lost his wealth during the period of inflation 1922/23 and he was reliant on support of other actors. His roles in movies were normally very small and financially not lucrative.

Other movies with Franz Schönfeld:
Der Schicksalstag (21) Wenn die Maske fällt (22) Die Todgeweihten (24) Die Radio Heirat (24) Rosenmontag (24) Vater Voss (25) Der Abenteurer (26)