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Willy Prager

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1877 - 1956

The actor and writer Willy Prager belonged to the pioneers of the German film and his first appearances in front of the camera can be backdated to 1909.

Before he gained a foothold in the film business he made experiences as a stage actor from 1989 at different cabarets and at the theater where he often appeared in plays directed by Max Reinhardt.

To his first movies belong "Im Eispalast" (09), "Ringkampf Konkurrenz" (10) and "Die Insel der Seligen" (13).

After an interruption of several years he continued his film career and he took part in the silent movies "Kohlhiesels Töchter" (20), "Alt Heidelberg" (23) and "Der Jüngling aus der Konfektion" (26).

Willy Prager also remained active as an actor in the sound film era and he impersonated support roles in the productions "Das Kabinett des Dr. Larifari" (30), "Liebling der Götter" (30), "Das gelbe Haus des King-Fu" (31), "Ehe im Schatten" (47), "Morituri" (48) and "Das kalte Herz" (50).

He already wrote his first screenplay in 1926 for "Der Jüngling aus der Konfektion" (26), in the 30s followed few more screenplays for "Moritz macht sein Glück" (30), "Um eine Nasenlänge" (31), "Schütenfest in Schilda" (31) and "Die Nacht ohne Pause" (31).

His artistic career was interrupted by the rise of the National Sozialism and the Jew Willy Prager was no longer allowed to work. He went into hiding and was only able to continue his career after the war.

Besides his activity as an actor and screenwriter he also wrote the libretti for "Liebe im Schnee" composed by Ralph Benatzky, "Die Prinzessin vom Nil" and "Die kleine Sünderin".

Other movies with Willy Prager:
Der Saal der sieben Sünden (19) Die Augen der Welt (20) Liebeswalzer (30) Delikatessen (30) Moritz macht sein Glück (31) Schützenfest in Schilda (31) Eine Nacht im Grandhotel (31) Aus einer kleinen Residenz (32) Beate (48) Schicksal am Berg (50)