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Hans Carl Müller

Foto: Hanns Holdt (1887-1944)

1889 - 1960


The actor Hans Carl Müller began his stage career in the 10s where he first appeared on smaller stages before he was engaged for the Kammerspielen in Munich in 1917.
It soon followed engagements in other big cities like Berlin where he also acted at cabarets, Cologne and Hamburg. There he also realised his first stage plays as a director.
His tours led him even till to South America where he appeared in Argentina.

Hans Carl Müller entered the film business in 1919 and his first movie was "König Nicolo" (19). To his co-stars belonged Max Adalbert, Henry Bender, Paul Biensfeldt, Julius Falkenstein and Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur.

The height of his film career followed in the 20s where he was able to impersonate some appreciative roles.
To his works of those years belong "Der Tanz in den Tod" (20), as Pastor Zurbinden "Die Trommeln Asiens" (21), Curt Goetz's "Friedrich Schiller" (23) with Theodor Loos, Hermann Vallentin, Ilka Grüning and Robert Leffler, the classic "Die Nibelungen" where he played the role of Gernot and "Luther" (28).

Afterwards he concentrated to the theater exclusively and he also took over the function of a theater director, among them for the "Neue Schauspielhaus" in Königsberg and for the "Nationaltheater" in Mannheim.

Hans Carl Müller continued his activity at the theater after World War II and he first worked in Cassel before he moved to Munich in 1950 where he was active at the Volkstheater among others.
In 1952 he took part in his only postwar movie. He played the role of the prior in "Mönche, Mädchen und Panduren" (52) with Joe Stöckel, Paul Hartmann, Rudolf Fernau and Lucie Englisch.

Other movies with Hans Carl Müller:
Vertauschtes Leben (20) Der zeugende Tod (21) Die wirkliche Liebe (37)