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Lina Meittinger

1856 - 1928

The actress and singer Lina Meittinger began her stage career already as a child when she appeared on the stage in Munich in 1864 for the first time.

She began her professional career in 1877 and she appeared regular at the Munich theater over the next 50 years where she became established as a comedian.

Between these works she also went on extensive tours which led her to numerous countries around the world.

She only took part in movies sporadically. In her first movie "Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich" (21) she played the duchess "Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich" (21) with Carla Nelsen, Max Landa and Franz Scharwenka.
In her next movie she impersonated a complete oppositional role as a maidservant in "Dämon Liebe" (21) at the side of Friedrich Basil, Karl Graumann, Hertha von Walther and Gustav Waldau.

Her last movie came in 1927 into being with "Valencia" (27) with Dorothea Wieck, Oscar Marion, Johannes Riemann, Jean Murat and Maria Forescu. Here she played the role of Rosina.