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Harald Maresch

1916 - 1986

The actor Harald Maresch took acting lessons at the Max Reinhard Seminar and afterwards he gained a foothold at the theater, first in Zurich and later in Vienna.

Shortly afterwards he made his film debut in 1936 and Harald Maresch took part in the productions "Savoy-Hotel 217" (36) and "Manja Valewska" (36). But both his stage and his film career was temporary because he had to flee after the annexation of Austria to the German Reich. Via France, Trinidad and Cuba he came to the USA in 1941.

There he was able to continue his film career from 1944 but this also became a brief chapter. He appeared in "Song of the Open Road" (44), "Frenchman's Creek" (44) and "Hotel Berlin" (45) when a social scandal endes his film career.
After an affair with the actress Lupe Velez she got pregnant. Because Harald Maresch distanced himself from her Lupe Velez committed suicide thereupon. She mentioned Harald Maresch as the fahter of her child in her suicide note.

Afterwards Harald Maresch did not get any offers for roles in movies.

Therefore he acted again at the theater where he only impersonated smaller parts. So he decided to return to Germany in 1952 and in the next years he played support roles in numerous movies, from time to time in the USA again.
To these works belong "Die Wirtin von Maria Wörth" (52), "Stalag 17" (53), "Second Face" (54), "Der Mörder kommt um elf" (56), "Mrs. Cheneys Ende" (57), die Serie "Gesucht wird Mörder X" (59), "Ein Toter hing im Netz" (60), "Schachnovelle" (60), "Die rote Hand" (60), "Johnny Belinda" (61), "Max, der Taschendieb" (62), an episode of the serial "Die fünfte Kolonne: Der Fall Schurzheim" (67) and an episode of the serial "Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: Rien ne va plus" (68).

Other movies with Harald Maresch:
Serie "Racket Squad: The Case of the Frightened Man" (52) Checkmate (53) The Lie (54) Columbus entdeckt Krähwinkel (54) Les héros sont fatigués (55) Die Herrn vom Sölderhof (55) The River Changes (56) Viele kamen vorbei (56) Liebe, wie die Frau sie wünscht (57) Wetterleuchten um Maria (57) Il cielo brucia (58) Bäume sterben aufrecht (58) Worüber man nicht spricht – Frauenarzt Dr. Brand greift ein (58) Die Botschafterin (60) Frau Irene Besser (61) Mrs. Billings' Scheidung (61) Das veilchenblaue Auto (61) Der Strafverteidiger (61) Die Flucht (62) Die lustige Witwe (62) Allotria in Zell am See (63) Mit Karl May im Orient (63) Die Karte mit dem Luchskopf (64) Serie "Alarm in den Bergen: Schussfahrt im Nebel" (65) Serie "Kommissar Freytag: Blüten aus Las Vegas" (66) Serie "Von Null Uhr Eins bis Mitternacht – Der abenteuerliche Urlaub des Mark Lissen: Der vergessene Chip" (67)