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Paul Legband

1876 - 1942

The director Paul Legband finished a study in language, art history and literature.
With his final exam in 1904 to the topic "Munich stages and literature in the 18th century" he already demonstrated his interest into the performing arts. He also worked as a journalist in the field culture in those years.

He took over the function of the acting school manager of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin from 1907. He remained in this position for the next four years. It followed an engagement as a manager of the Stadttheater Freiburg, afterwards he got functions in Strassburg and finally in Berlin again at the Volksbühne.

With his return to Berlin he got in touch with the film business and he realised several silent movies as a director.
To his first movies belong "König Nicolo" (19), "Aus eines Mannes Mädchenjahren" (19) and "Die Prinzessin von Urbino" (19).

His last cinematical works as a director came at the beginning of the 20s into being with "Nixchen" (20), "Die Marquise von O." (20), "Die Kronjuwelen des Herzogs von Rochester" (20) and "Das Blut" (22).

After his retirement from the film business he dedicated to the theater again and he was a stage manager in Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Mönchengladbach, Erfurt and Altona.

Paul Legband was married with the costume designer Else Oppler.

Other movies from Paul Legband:
Spuk auf Schloss Kitay (20) Der Knabe Eros (20)