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Gilda Langer

Picture Gilda Langer
Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1896 - 1920

When the young Gilda Langer came to Berlin she dreamed of a great film career like many other girls in her age. In contrast to the others she managed jump into the film business and she made her film debut for the Star-Film Company in 1917 with "Das Rätsel von Bangalor" (17). It followed the movies "Ringende Seelen" (18) and "Die Frau mit den Orchideen" (19), afterwards she acted under the direction of the young Fritz Lang in "Halbblut" (19). 

During an engament at the Residenz theater she met writer Carl Mayer and Jans Janowitz who were writing the script to "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" (19). When the book became a movie it was planned that Gilda Langer should impersonate the leading role. But her sudden death at the age of 24 because of an influenza refused the great jump to stardom. 

Gilda Langer was engaged with the director Paul Czinner.

The dismay of her early death and her popularity she had show to advantage in the obiutaries. The Film-Kurier wrote on February 6, 1920:
Gilda Langer died of influenza on Saturday, the 31st January, after a short illness. With her has pased a film artist of leading importance whose artistic rise wasn't finished and one had great expectations for her future in general, not least by the direction of "Decla". All this artistic work, these plans had been pramaturely finished by the death. With the sympathy of her friends with her artistic and human personality the funeral took place at the cemetewry in Stahnsdorf on Wednesday.

The Lichtbild-Bühne wrote on Frebruary 7, 1920:
Gilda Langer died of influenza after a short illness. She was one of few movie actresses who would had been able to become one of the leading stars of the film because of her peculiarity and skill. Just in these days they made preparations for two big Decla movies in which Gilda Langer should had impersonate the leading roles. Everybody who became acquainted with Gilda Langer as an artist or as a human being will take note of this incident with shock, and the industry as well as personal freind of Gilda Langer mourn equally the bereavement of a great artist as well as a valuable human being.

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