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Emilie Kurz

1874 - ?

The actress Emilie Kurz was born as the daughter of the theater director August Kurz.
Before Emilie Kurz also entered the world of the theater she got an education at a convent school. After 1900 she finally started her career on stage and she played among others at the Deutsches Theater for several years.

She was engaged for the film business in 1916 by Paul Wegener with whom she already played on stage in the past. Sie took part in his movies "Rübezahl's Hochzeit" (16) and "Der Golem und die Tänzerin" (17).

She continued her film career and acted in "Ossi's Tagebuch" (17), "Die Tochter des Mehemed" (19), "Der brennende Acker" (22), "Der letzte Mann" (24), "Manon Lescaut" (26) and "Der Kampf des Donald Westhof" (27).

After a longer interruption Emilie Kurz returned to the big screen in 1932 and she played in her first sound film "Strich durch die Rechnung" (32). Other movies followed with "Sag' mir, wer Du bist" (33) and "Peer Gynt" (34).

Other movies with Emilie Kurz:
Das Millionenmädel (19) Der Staatsanwalt (20) Misericordia - Tötet nicht mehr (20) Die Austreibung (23) Der verlorene Schuh (23) Die gefundene Braut (25) Schwester Veronica (27)