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Alfred Kunz

Foto: D'Ora Kallmus (1881-1963)
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1894 - 1961

The production designer and costume designer Alfred Kunz began his professional career as an architect before he joined the theater in 1922 because of this knowledge. At the theater he created numerous stage settings in Vienna.

In the same year he worked for a movie for the first time. His first engagement was the production design for "Die Memoiren eines Mönchs" (22).
In the next years followed other works for silent movies, among them "Der Sohn des Galeerensträflings" (23), "Ssanin" (24), "Die Familie ohne Moal" (27) and "Rinaldo Rinaldini" (27).

Alfred Kunz continued his film career in the sound film era of the 30s and he was the art director for "Vorstadtvariete" (35), "Letzte Liebe" (35) and "Die goldene Fessel" (44).

Besides this activity Alfred Kunz was also a successful styler and he worked among others for the "Wiener Haus der Mode". He influenced the then popular "Vienna chic" essentially.

It was only a small step for Alfred Kunz to become a costume designer for movies as well.
He created the costume for the movies "Letzte Liebe" (35), "Die Leuchter des Kaisers" (36), "Lumpacivagabundus" (36), "Premiere" (37), "Leinen aus Irland" (39), "Der Postmeister" (40), "Ein Leben lang" (40), "Operette" (40) and "Wiener Blut" (42).
With his costume designs for "Wiener Mädeln" (49) came his last cinematical work into being.

Other movies from Alfred Kunz (production designer):
Das graue Haus (26) Schützenliesel (26) Die Fahrt in die Jugend (35) Singende Jugend (36) Freunde (45)