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Hanns Kräly

1884 - 1950

The screenwriter Hanns Kräly was born as Jean Kräly in Hamburg.

Before he became a famous screenwriter he began his career as a stage actor in singer in 1903. He appeared on different stages in Germany, among others in Berlin from 1909.

There he soon entered the film business and he appeared in front of the camera for "Der fesche Tiroler" (10) for the first time.
During the 10s he impersonated other movies roles in "Der fremde Vogel" (11), "Engelein" (14), "Die Firma heiratet" (14), "Engeleins Hochzeit" (16), "Schuhpalast Pinkus" (16), "Der Erdstrommotor" (17) and "Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin" (19).

He made first experiences as a screenwriter with the revision of scripts of Urban Gad he wrote for his movie star Asta Nielsen. Hanns Kräly wrote his first own screenplay in 1915 with "Aufs Eis geführt" (15) and it followed other screenplays for "Schuhpalast Pinkus" (16), "Das fidele Gefängnis" (17), "Der geprellte Don Juan" (18), "Carmen" (18), "Die Augen der Mumie Ma" (18), "Verlorene Töchter" (18), "Die Austernprinzessin" (19), "Madame DuBarry" (19), "Rausch" (19) and "Die Puppe" (19). Many of his movies were directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

Hanns Kräly wrote his last screenplays for the German silent film at the beginning of the 20s.
To these works belong "Monika Vogelsang" (20), "Das Grand Hotel Babylon" (20), "Kohlhiesels Töchter" (20), "Romeo und Julia im Schnee" (20), "Sumurun" (20), "Anna Boleyn" (20), "Die Bergkatze" (21), "Das Weib des Pharao" (22) and "Alles für Geld" (23).

When Ernst Lubitsch was engaged in the USA Hanns Kräly followed him one year later and he went to the USA in 1923. He worked again for Ernst Lubitsch but was also active for other directors.

To his well-known works of the 20s belong "Rosita" (23), "Three Women" (24), "The Eagle" (25), "So This Is Paris" (26), "Flesh and the Devil" (26), "The Student of Old Heidelberg" (27), "Quality Street" (27), "The Garden of Eden" (28), "The Patriot" (28), "Wild Orchitds" (29) and "Eternal Love" (29).
Hanns Kräly got the oscar for his screenplay "The Patriot", it followed an Oscar nomination for "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" (29).

When they broke up in bad terms because Kräly had an affair with Lubitsch's wife apparently Ernst Lubitsch made sure that Hanns Kräly did not get any major offers and Hanns Kräly only took part in few more important movies.
To his last screenplays belong "The Lady of Scandal" (30), "Jenny Lind" (31), "Flesh" (32), "By Candlelight" (33), "One Hundred Man and a Girl" (37) - Hanns Kräly was nominated again for an Oscar - "A Desperate Adventure" (38), "It Started with Eve" (41) and "The Mad Ghouls" (43).

Finally Hanns Kräly retired from the film business and he earned his living as a caretaker.

Other movies from Hanns Kräly (Writer):
Die Klabriaspartie (16) Eine Walzernacht (17) Der Blusenkönig (17) Nach dem Opernball (18) Die Drei van Hells (18) Nach zwanzig Jahren (18) Der Prozess Hauers (18) In Sachen Marc Renard (18) Ich möchte kein Mann sein (18) Der gelbe Schein (18) Das Mädel vom Ballet (18) Meyer aus Berlin (19) Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin (19) Schieberchen und Co (19) Komtesse Dolly (19) Die Fahrt ins Blaue (19) Das Caviar-Mäuschen (19) Das rosa Trikot (20) Die Wohnungsnot (20) Hundemamachen (20) Arme Violetta (21) Bohème – Künstlerliebe (23) Die Flamme (23) Das Paradies im Schnee (23) Her Night of Romance (24) Forbidden Paradise (24) Komödianten des Lebens (24) Kiss Me Again (25) Her Sister from Paris (25) Kiki (26) The Duchess of Buffalo (26) Betrayal (29) The Kiss (29) Devil-May-Care (29) Kohlhiesels Töchter (30) A Lady's Morals (30) Just a Gigolo (31) Private Lives (31) My Lips Betray (33) Broadway Gondolier (35) Broadway Serenade (41) West Point Widow (41)

Wie sich der Kientopp rächt (12) Das Mädchen ohne Vaterland (12) Der schwarze Moritz (15) Die weissen Rosen (16) Eine Walzernacht (17) Der papierene Peter (17) Prinz Sami (18)

Director Assistant:
Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hart (16)