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Lothar Körner

1883 - 1961

The actor Lothar Körner learnt his acting abilities by Cord Hachmann and after 1900 he began his theater career in Munich. It followed engagements which led him to Berlin finally.
There is soon became popular with important roles in classic plays, among others for Max Reinhardt at the Deutsches Theater.
The director Stellan Rye engaged him from the stage for four movies - "Die Augen des Ole Brandis" (13), "Evinrude" (13), "Gendarm Möbius" (13) and "Der Student von Prag" (13).
But the film still had an minor role in his life and he concentrated to the theater again.
Only at the end of the 10s he returned in front of the camera and in the next years he took part in silent movies like "Kinder der Liebe" (18), "Sselam Aleikum" (19), "Satan Diktator" (20), "Die Teppichknüpferin von Bagdad" (22) and "Die Drei um Edith" (29).
On stage followed engagement in Nuremberg and smaller cities before he became manager at the Berliner Theater in 1931. Later he also realised some plays as a director.
In movies he only got offered small roles and he took part in "Die verkaufte Braut" (32), "Liselotte von der Pfalz" (35), "Das Mädchen Johanna" (35), "Condottieri" (37), "Pour le Mérite" (38), "Legion Condor" (39) and "Friedrich Schiller" (40).
After the war he was not able to continue his success at the theater and he only got engagements at small theaters before he retired in 1953.

Other movies with Lothar Körner:
Seines Bruders Leibeigener (19) Zopf und Turban (20)