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Erich Kober

1885 - 1955

The actor and director Erich Kober came in touch with the theater at a young age because his father was the actor Gustav Kober.
Erich Kober also joined the world of the theater and he took acting lessons by the famous Josef Kainz.

Afterwards he became established as a stage actor from 1903 and he got engagements in Görlitz, Stuttgart, Riga and from 1910 in Berlin.

He joined the film business in 1913 where he first appeared as an actor in movies like "Die Heldin vom Moulin Rouge" (13), "Tirol in Waffen" (14) and "Wien im Krieg" (16).

Afterwards he became a movie director and in the next years he realised the movies "Der Traum im Walde" (19), "Lilith und Ly" (19), "Das Tagebuch" (19) and "Das Kind des Teufels" (19).
At that time he founded his own company "Fiat-Film".

He continued his film career as a director in the 20s with few productions like "Das Reich der Liebe" (20) and "Sünde und Moral" (29). Three years later he shot his only sound film as a director with "Die Wasserteufel von Hieflau" (32).

After a longer interruption he also continued his film career as an actor from 1926 and he took part in the well-known productions "Der Student von Prag" (26) and "Schinderhannes" (28).

At the beginning of the 30s he acted in his two only sound movies "Brand in der Oper" (30) and "Hans in allen Gassen" (30).

Erich Kober already had problems to find work before the rise of the National Socialists and had financial worries. After 1933 he had no chance to work at all because he was a so-called quarter of a Jew and he lived in Vienna nearly forgotten. Only in 1948 Erich Kober published a biography about his former acting teacher Josef Kainz with the title "Josef Kainz - Mensch unter Masken".

Other movies from Erich Kober (Writer):
Sünde und Moral (29)