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Rosa Kirchner-Lang

1886- ?

The actress Rosa Kirchner-Lang joined the film business in 1918 where she impersonated several roles in the next years.

Her first movie was Ludwig Beck's "Der Jäger von Fall" (18) with Thea Steinbrecher, Viktor Gehring, Fritz Greiner, Ludwig Beck and Toni Wittels.

Afterwards she acted in "Die Gemeinde von Sankt Helena und ihr Kaplan" (19) with Fritz Kampers, Franz Seitz, Georg Vogelsang and Xaver Terofal and in "Gewitter im Mai" (19) directed by Ludwig Beck at the side of Fritz Greiner, Ria Mabeck, Thea Steinbrecher and Toni Wittels.

Her last silent movie followed in 1922 with "Jägerblut" (22) with Josef Berger, Stella Harf and Franz Seitz who also was the director.

In the 30s followed other support roles in the productions "Wenn die Abendglocken läuten" (30) as Frau Mechner with Josef Berger, Hanns Beck-Gaden, Franz Loskarn and Maria Mindzenty, "Das heilige Schweigen" (30) at the side of Helga Thomas, Rolf Pinegger, Hanns Beck-Gaden and Franz Loskarn, as a maidservant in "Das unsterbliche Lied" (33) with Paul Richter, Hans Marr and Josef Berger as well as "Standschütze Bruggler" (36) with Ludwig Kerscher, Franziska Kinz, Rolf Pinegger, Eduard Köck, Lola Chlud, Viktor Gehring, Friedrich Ulmer, Beppo Brem, Julius Brandt and Angelo Ferrari.

Her husband was the actor Josef Kirchner-Lang with whom she acted together in some movies.

Other movies with Rosa Kirchner-Lang:
Die blonde Christl (33) Die Frauen vom Tannhof (34) Ein ganzer Kerl (35)