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Marga Kierska

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

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The actress Marga Kierska only appeared sporadically in front of the camera and her film career was limited to few years.

Her first movies came in 1919 into being and she worked together with great names of the German film business from the beginning.
In Paul Leni's "Prinz Kuckuck" (19) she impersonated a small role at the side of the legendary Conrad Veidt and in Otto Rippert's Film "Die Pest von Florenz" (19) she played an evil woman. To her film partners belonged Theodor Becker and Julietta Brandt.

At the beginning of the 20s she took part in her last movies, to these productions belong "Moriturus" (20) with Conrad Veidt and Max Landa, playing the role of the fiancé of Cecil Reading in "Whitechapel" (20) directed by Regisseur Ewald André Dupont, as Fernande Raway in Felix Basch's "Die Geliebte Roswolskys" (21) with the great Asta Nielsen as Mary Verhag and the impressive Paul Wegener as Eugen Roswolsky and finally "Irrende Seelen" (21) as Alexandra Jepantschin with Asta Nielsen, Frida Richard and Alfred Abel.

Other movies with Marga Kierska:
Patience (20) Das Opfer der Ellen Larsen (21) Arme Violetta (21) Satansketten (21)