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Martin Jacoby-Boy

1883 - 1971

The production designer Martin Jacoby-Boy joined the school of art before he finished his education as a carpenter. Afterwards he began his professional life as a graphic artist and painter.
Beside it he was a successful font designer and he was active as a advertising painter.

When he entered the film business in 1919 he was able to work in this field as a production designer for few years.
To his first movie belonged the monumental film serial "Die Herrin der Welt" (19) directed by Regisseur Joe May. He created the set together with other production designers.
He got thankful offers in the next years again and he created the design for the productions "Die Legende von der heiligen Simplicia" (20), "Die Schuld der Lavinia Morland" (21), "Das indische Grabmal - Die Sendung des Yoghi" (21) and "Das indische Grabmal - Der Tiger von Eschnapur" (21). For the two last-mentioned movies he also created the costumes.

Afterwards Martin Jacoby-Boy retired from the film business and he worked as an architect. But his professional career ended in 1933. As a Jew he was no longer able to work in the National Socialist Germany.

His further path of life led him via The Netherlands to Argentina where he got again duties as an architect. For the magazhine "La suerte" he was responsible as a graphic designer.

Other movies from Martin Jacoby-Boy:
Fräulein Zahnarzt (19) Der Henker von Sankt Marien (20) Das Brandmal der Vergangenheit (21) So sind die Männer (23)