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Artur Holz

1876 - 1940

The actor and director Artur Holz began his stage career in Berlin where he first appeared as an actor. From 1905 he also realised some plays. Other engagements followed in Düsseldorf, Dresden, Wien and Mannheim.

He joined the film business in 1919 where he realised few silent movies as a director.

His first movie was "Licht und Schatten" (19) with Hugo Werner-Kahle, Jaro Fürth and Ernst Arndt.

At the beginning of the 20s came his last movies as a director into being with "Die arge Nonne" (20) with Magda Sonja and Franz Höbling, "Der schwarze Reiter" (20) with Erika Demisson and Josef Fleischmann, "Maulwürfe" (20) with Alexander Antalffy and Arthur Schröder, "Tötendes Schweigen" (20) with Julius Brandt, Nien Soen Ling and Carola Toelle, "Das Geheimnis von Bombay" (21) with Alfred Abel, Hermann Böttcher, Lil Dagover, Anton Edthofer, Louis Brody, Bernhard Goetzke and Nien Soen Ling sowie "Violet" (21) with Eugen Burg, Adele Sandrock, Olga Tschechowa and Loni Nest.

Besides his work as a director Artur Holz also wrote the screenplays for "Der schwarze Reiter" (20) and "Violet" (21).

Artur Holz was arrested in 1940 and he came to the Untersuchungsgefängnis in Hamburg where he died in the same year.