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Ernstheinz Häussermann

1916 - 1984

The actor Ernstheinz Häussermann began his career at the theater where he was active as an actor and director.

He entered the film business in 1934 with "Ein Stern fällt vom Himmel" (34) but his career came to an end with the rise of the National socialists.
As a Jew he had to flee to Austria. During this time he took part in an other movie called "Cimzett ismeretlen" (35).

When Austria joined the German Reich he emigrated to the USA where he was able to continue his film career with small roles. He was credited there as Ernst Hausman.
To these productions belong "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (40), "A Dispatch from Reuter's" (40), "Secret Enemies" (42), "Chetniks" (43), "Mission to Moscow" (43), "Hitler's Madman" (43) and "Hostages" (43).

He returned to Austria after the war and he worked again for the theater. In the 70s followed few more appearances in front of the the camera with "Nochmal von vorn" (70) and "Calcium" (72).

Besides his activity as an actor Ernstheinz Häussermann also directed few movies, among them "Pepi Columbus" (54), "Weh dem, der lügt" (72), "Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" (76), "Der Unbestechliche" (79) and "Der Traum ein Leben" (81).

Ernstheinz Häussermann was among others married with the actress Susi Nicoletti.

Other movies with Ernstheinz Häussermann:
Four Sons (40) Underground (41) The Pied Piper (42) Once Upon a Honeymoon (42) The Moon Is Down (43) Tonight We Raid Calais (43) Action in the North Atlantic (43) Background to Danger (43)

Das Wort (70) Fräulein Else (74) Berggasse 19 (79)

Armut (76)