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Willy Haas

1891 - 1973

The writer Willy Haas finished an education for law and he got in touch with well-known writers like Paul Kornfeld, Max Brod and Franz Kafka at a young age.
He was the publisher for the "Herder-Blätter" for a brief time where he not only published works of other authors but also wrote own essays.

When he moved to Berlin the film business became an important factor in his career. On the one hand he wrote film critics, among others for the Film-Kurier, on the other hand he wrote numerous screenplays for some well-known movies, especially in the 20s. Furthermore he founded the weekly released newpaper "Die literarische Welt".
To his screenplays of those years belong "Der brennende Acker" (22), "Im Namen des Königs" (24), "Die freudlose Gasse" (25), "Die Brüder Schellenberg" (26), "Die Weber" (27), "Thérèse Raquin" (28) and "Napoleon auf St. Helena" (29).

His career in Germany came to an end at the beginning of the 30s. He only wrote the scripts for "Die Galgentonitonischka" (30) and "Wege zur guten Ehe" (33) before he had to emigrate to Prague because he was a Jew. There he was able to work as an editor for the Prager Presse but when Germany entered Prague as well he had to flee again.
His way led him via Italy to India where he took part as a screenwriter for few movies.

He only returned to Germany in 1948 where he concentrated to his journalistic activity for different publications.

Other movies from Willy Haas:
Der Kampf ums Ich (22) Der geheime Agent (24) Dr. Wislizenus (24) Das Mädchen mit der Protektion (25) Man spielt nicht mit der Liebe (26) Das tanzende Wien (27) Der Biberpelz (28) Heut tanzt Mariett (28) Tanoka Sibenice (30) L'amour qu'il faut aux femmes (34)