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Arthur Gottlein

1895 - 1977

The director and actor Arthur Gottlein joined the film business early and he took over smaller jobs in the background for the movie "Der Millionenonkel" (13).
It followed jobs for the Sascha film, among others also as a director assistant for movies like "Frau Dorothys Bekenntnis" (21), "Die Sünde" (22), "Sodom und Gomorrha" (22), "Die Sklavenkönigin" (24) and "Revolution der Jugend" (29).

He realised his first movie as a directon in 1926 with "Der Rastelbinder" (26) but it lasted till 1940 before he shot his second movie as a director in his exile in the Philippines with "Huling Pagluha" (40).

His last movies as a director assistant came in the sound film era of the 30s into being, among them "Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten" (35), "Tagebuch der Geliebten" (35) and "Fräulein Lilli" (36).

Besides his activity behind the camera he also appeared as an actor in front of the camera for "Namenlos" (23) with Karl Farkas.
He worked together with Farkas again in the 30s and he shot some short movies with him.

Till to the raise of the National Socialists in Austria Arthur Gottlein was active for more than 150 movies in different functions. Only few can be named today.
When Austria joined the German Reich the Jew Arthur Gottlein fled via Italy in the Philippines. There he directed some more movies for Minerva Pictures. In Shanghai he founded a puppet theater.

He only returned to Austria in 1949 and he was active as a movie chronicler and he campaigned for the rights and the social covering for filmworkers.

Other movies from Arthur Gottlein (Director Assistant):
Cherchez la femme! (21) Die Strafe (22) Der junge Medardus (23) Wenn du noch eine Mutter hast (24) Eros in Ketten (29)