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Rochus Gliese

1891 - 1978

The director and art director Rochus Gliese was multitalent in the German film business. He studied at the State Museum for art and craft in Berlin.
He got very early in contact with the film business and delivered an impressive work as an art director with his fantastic set for Paul Wegener's classic "Der Golem" (14).

Rochus Gliese worked as a art director, director, writer, costume designer as well as an actor in the next years.
To his well-known movies of the 10's as a director belong "Der Yoghi" (16), "Rübezahls Hochzeit" (16), "Der Golem und die Tänzerin" (17), "Apokalypse" (18) and "Der Galeerensträfling" (19) - for all these movies he was also responsible for the set.

In the 10's he also acted in front of the camera. To these movies belong "Rübezahls Hochzeit" (16), "Die schöne Prinzessin von China" (16), "Der papierene Peter" (17), "Hans Trutz im Schlaraffenland" (17), "Der Golem und die Tänzerin"(17) and "Der fremde Fürst" (18).
Beside it he also worked as an assistant director for the important German film "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" (19).

He continued directing movies in the 20's and also fitted out movies. To his well-known works of the 20's belong "Der verlorene Schatten" (20), "Brüder" (23) and "Die gefundene Braut" (25) - always as a director - and the productions "Katharina die Grosse" (20), "Der brennende Acker" (22) and "Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs" (23) - always as an art director.

When F.W. Murnau went to the USA at the end of the 20's he followed him. He was responsible for the set for "The Main Event" (27) and "Sunrise" (27) and was nominated for the Oscar for "Sunrise".

His film activities dropped off in the 30's. His last movie as a director was "Die Jagd nach dem Glück" (30), as an art director and costume designer he worked for the productions "Amphitryon" (35), "Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan" (38) and "Hanna Amon" (51).

Rochus Gliese was awarded the German Film Award for his life's work in 1973.

Other movies from Rochus Gliese (Director):
Die schöne Prinzessin von China (16) Der papierene Peter (17) Malaria (19) Das brennende Geheimnis (23) Mutter, Dein Kind ruft (23) Komödie des Herzens (24) Der rosa Diamant (25) 

Art Director:
Der Antiquar von Strassburg (17) Hans Trutz im Schlaraffenland (17) Der fremde Fürst (18) Apokalypse (18) Der Rattenfänger von Hameln (18) Malaria (19) Die Austernprinzessin (19) Rausch (19) Die Sängerin (21) Das Liebesnest (22) Alexandra (22) Der Kampf ums Ich (22) Die Austreibung (23) Mutter, Dein Kind ruft (23) Die Jagd nach dem Glück (30) Eine Stadt steht Kopf (32) Fidelio (55) Ein Polterabend (55) Hermann und Dorothea (61) Die Lästerschule (61) Moral (66) 

Rübezahls Hochzeit (16) Der papierene Peter (17) Brüder (23) Komödie des Herzens (24) The Main Event (27) Die Jagd nach dem Glück (30)

Costume Designer:
Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (20) Der brennende Acker (22) Das ewige Spiel (51) Moral (66)