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Franziska Gaal

Picture Franziska Gaal

1895 - 1973

The actress Franziska Gaal was born as Fanny Zilveritch in Budapest, Hungary. She already made her film debut in 1921 with the Hungarian production "Az eger" (21), but only from the beginning of the 30's she had her way in the German film business.

To her few movies in the 30's in Germany belong "Paprika" (32), "Gruss und Kuss, Veronika!" (33), "Katharina, die Letzte" (35) and "Fräulein Lilli" (36).

Her much demanding career was abruptly brought to an end because of the political circumstances in Germany. The Jewess Franziska Gaal emigrated to the USA even before the war broke out, where she impersonated roles in movies like Cecil B. DeMille's "The Buccaneer" (38), "The Girl Downstairs" (38) and at Bing Crosby's side in "Paris Honeymoon" (39).

After the war she only took part in one more movie called "Renée XIV" (46), after that she retired from the film business.

Other movies with Franziska Gaal:
Skandal in Budapest (33) Peter (34) Kleine Mutti (34) Früchtchen (34) Frühjahrsparade (35)