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Ralph Erwin

1896 - 1943

The filmcomposer Ralph Erwin was born as Erwin Vogl in Bielitz.

He demonstrated his musical abilities at a young age and when he was eleven years old he led a school orchestra.
When he finished his academic education he joined World War I as a volunteer, later he became wounded seriously.

After the end of the war he began to study musical history and philosophy and beside it he was busy as a pianist in cabarets and bars.
At that time he also wrote his first composition, first under the pen name. Later he has chosen the pseudonym Ralph Erwin.

When Ralph Erwins song "Ich küsse Ihre Hand, Madame" was used in the movie of the same title in 1929 his song  became a big success and he himself became famous at once.

It followed numerous engagements for compositions on stage and at the radio, moreover he was also engaged to write the music for movies. Ralph Erwin became successful as a filmcomposer both in Germany and France.

To his well-known film compositions of the 30s belong "Je t'adore mais pourquoi" (30), "Der kleine Seitensprung/Le petit écart" (31), "Le roi du cirage" (31), "Madame hat Ausgang/La belle aventure" (31), "So ein Mädel vergisst man nicht" (32), "Une faible femme" (33), "Monsieur Sand-Gêne" (35), "L'amour veille" (37), "Sturm über Asien/Tempête sur l'Asie (38) and "Le drame de Shanghai" (38).

As a Jew Ralph Erwin had to leave Germany already in 1933 and he settled in France. But when Germany also occupied France he was taken prisoner and he was deported to Drancy. His wife was able to get him free and Ralph Erwin hid away from the Germans.
But finally he was spotted and was seriously injured by a shot in the stomach and died.

Other movies from Ralph Erwin:
Le roi des resquilleurs/Der König der Nassauer (30) Echec au roi (31) Echec et ma (31) Atout coeur (31) Après l'amour (31) L'amoureuse aventure (32) Das schöne Abenteuer (32) Drei von der Kavallerie/La garnison amoureuse (32) Liebe, Scherz und Ernst/Vielleicht bist Du das grosse Glück (32) Touchons du bois (33) Malle gevallen (34) L'auberge du Petit-Dragon (34) La dame de Vittel (37) La reine des Resquilleuses (37) L'île des veuves (37) Sur les quais de vieux Paris (38) Jeunes filles en détresse (39)